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  1. J

    DC power extension

    Any concerns with using a DC barrel type power extension like this in between the Triad PSU and the HM? Was planning on buying a 12' to simplify my power setup during questionable weather.
  2. J

    Fusion 360 issues

    Folks, anyone having luck opening HM case designs in Fusion 360? Fusion 360 Personal doesn't allow any edits to DWG files from what I can tell and converting them to DXF so far hasn't worked either (only part of the design even shows up). Any tips/links?
  3. J

    Frustration with temp reliability. Probe placement or other issues?

    Hey folks, been using my HM for several months now, sometimes with great results and other times with frustration. Yesterday did ribs at ~225f starting at 11am. Everything was going well until ~230pm. At that time the reported pit temp (thermistor prob) reported a climbing temp and meanwhile...
  4. J

    Micro SD Extension Cable for RPi Zero W

    Has anyone tried to use a microsd extension like this one for making the microsd card available without opening the case? I haven't found one yet that has a clickable "keystone" to mount to the edge of the case but I presume somewhere...
  5. J

    Feedback on first cook?

    Threw two pork butts on the Pit Boss yesterday for a maiden run with my HeaterMeter. Turned out pretty well, was happy with how the HM + damper worked. Graph below. A little after 18:28 when things stabilized is when meat was put on. About 5 hours in when you see the other blips it was me foil...
  6. J

    Thermocouple Pit Probe Issues on new HM build

    First build, HM 4.2.4 w/ thermocouple pit. After installing in a case, I am getting a reading of 561f [plus/minus 3f] on the pit probe. Everything else seems to function fine including the thermistor probes. I just got the Adapt-a-Damper working tonight as well so almost ready to put it in...