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  1. Lew Newby

    Latest Firmware Update Seems Solid

    I have previously said I probably should have gotten the EX4. I WAS WRONG!!! Today I needed the cooking capacity of the EX6. My apologies to those that told me so. Mothers Day Ribs and first full family get together in over a year. Our daughter, husband, their 4 kids and wife, and our 3...
  2. Lew Newby

    Chicken On New Upper Cooking Grate

    First cook on my Joe's Grill Grates grate. Man, I like using that grate as my main cooking level. When I pulled the Chicken off nothing stuck to the grate and with the expanded metal nothing is going to fall through.. The Smokefire has now given me 2 months of worry free operation. Now the...
  3. Lew Newby

    New Upper Cooking Grate for My EX6

    Seasoned my new 14" upper cooking grate from Joe's Grill Grates. I'm tickled with it. I've been saving beef fat trimmings and after rendering them down I coated the grate top and bottom with Beef Tallow. Left a nice golden hue on the metal. I got this to use as my main cooking grate and drip...
  4. Lew Newby

    Pellets with a PRICE TAG

    I just ran across this on Amazon while looking for charcoal pellets. Smoke Daddy Pellet Pro Charcoal/Oak Pellets Pellet Grill Fuel BBQ Pellets - 20# Bag $42.99 + $22.00 shipping. Only 7 left. :unsure: :ROFLMAO:(n) And we thought Weber pellets are expensive. That's $3.15/lb. I think I'll...
  5. Lew Newby

    Weber Connect Android version 1.1.2 Available Yesterday

    I installed it last night but haven’t used it yet. Hope this fixes the app problem. NOW we NEED the firmware update.
  6. Lew Newby

    Beef Jerky From Pre Cooked Beef???

    Beef Jerky using cooked roast beef - are you kidding? Nope. I didn't know if it would work but I tried it and it did. On Friday I Cooked a 4 lb. Eye of Round roast in the Sous Vide planning to have some for dinner, slice up the rest, freeze it, and have roast beef sandwiches for months. Wife...
  7. Lew Newby

    Chris Does it Again With his January Newsletter - CUDOS

    Since comments are disabled on his YouTube videos I thought I'd do it here. I watched both and enjoyed them. Chris, you may not be a butcher but your knife skills are well past beginner level. Don't be so modest. My first thought when you split that Pork Butt horizontally was that now you...
  8. Lew Newby

    Smokefire Troubleshooting Guide

    SmokeFire Troubleshooting Guide I've tried to remember different problems that folks have posted here and on a FB Group but I'm sure I missed some. Some of you may want to add steps to troubleshooting a problem I've identified and I appreciate any input. We have a lot of people here with more...
  9. Lew Newby

    SmokeFire FAQ For New and Old Owners

    I'm a member of the Facebook Group "Weber SmokeFire Pellet Grill Owners Group. The members there have put together a great FAQ that has resulted from owners experience. There's no "corporate speak" because Weber didn't contribute to it. For example, there's a recommendation for the BILT app...
  10. Lew Newby

    Homemade Pork Rinds Question

    I'm curing my first Pork Belly to make Bacon. I removed the skin and made pork rinds but in the kitchen. I will probably do this again but would like to try it on my SmokeFire using the process I used in the kitchen. I'm thinking use my Jerky rack and run 325° for 1.5 hrs. Remove from SF...
  11. Lew Newby

    Wedding Reception Pulled Pork

    My Grandson, Cody, and his fiance, Kat, asked me to make pulled pork for 40 people at their reception. Sonny's BBQ is catering the Chicken and sides so my task was simple. Yesterday I smoked 32 lb. of Pork so the kids have some extra. Used Apple Blend pellets. I pulled it after a long rest...
  12. Lew Newby

    I Am Now Officially ALL IN on My EX6 - Almost

    Dealing with my charcoal cookers was getting painful as my back has gotten worse. In November I thought of the SmokeFire as a possible replacement for everything. If I wanted to keep cooking for, hopefully, many more years I needed something different than what I had. By July I was finally...
  13. Lew Newby

    Any News About Bob Correll?

    Has anyone heard anything?
  14. Lew Newby

    Jerky on The Smokefire

    I like smoking Jerky on a pellet grill for several reasons. The Smokefire is great for Jerky. 5# Sam's Club Eye of Round, Frank's Red Hot Marinade for 24 hours, and Weber Grillmaster blend pellets. I kept the lid open to take pictures and temp dropped to 145 and slowly climbed to the mid 150s...
  15. Lew Newby

    Humidity Effect on Pellet Burn - An Experiment.

    Everyone has their idea of why The Smokefire has problems. My theory is immature software in the controller. I think it causes many of the flameouts and I base that on observing a temp excursion 30 minutes into a cook from 250 to 190. Some blame it on wet pellets but I haven't had a problem...
  16. Lew Newby

    SmokeFire Hopper Mods

    I have modified every smoker I've owned. Chargriller, ECB, Kettle, WSM, and now my EX6. Can't help myself. Before I ever put pellets in my EX6 I modified the pellet hopper and I can get 12 hours without stirring the pellets. I bought a scoop to load pellets easily and it works. My 25 yr...
  17. Lew Newby

    First Spatchcocked Chicken

    For years I have had a Rotisserie in different cookers and that's how my wife wanted whole Chicken. In all those years I never did a spatchcocked bird. I sold my Weber Performer so I decided to do my first Spatchcocked Chicken. 5 lb. bird, dry brined 18 hrs., herb butter under the breast skin...
  18. Lew Newby

    Weber Support Amazes

    I was cleaning up my 14.5 and noticed 4 chipped porcelain spots on the lid. I've babied that thing and couldn't believe it. I put in a warranty claim, with photo, at 12:30 PM and asked if my Porcelain was failing. I got this 2 hours later. No charge. Great customer service. Jul 31, 2020...
  19. Lew Newby

    Is Pellet Grill Dust Causing Flameouts a Myth????

    I have read this in more than one place but, based on my experience, I'm skeptical. I know I should believe everything I read online especially if it comes from a BBQ "Expert". ;) I use Pit Boss pellets and read horror stories about how much dust is in the bag. I've had flameouts with my Rec...
  20. Lew Newby


    Thermoworks with Weber Connect? I posted this on gadgets and got 1 response so I experimented. I plugged the Thermoworks into my Smokefire. It read ambient temp within 2 degrees. Boiling water test was spot on. I think it works. Have I missed something????