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  1. Cee El

    FB Find: EX4 in NC, $500

    This has been listed for a while now. It isn’t mine, but the price recently dropped again and thought someone here might be interested...
  2. Cee El

    Sunday Jerk Chicken Redux

    This time with smoke! Overnight marinade on a pack of chicken pieces from Walmart. The jerk marinade was my own bastardized version I’ve been working on for a while. I slashed the pieces to get more flavoring down to the bone and put in the the fridge, as I said, overnight. I also did jerk...
  3. Cee El

    New Propane Delivery Driver Here

    I’m excited and nervous to start a new job as a Propane Delivery Driver in the morning. I’m hoping I can settle down here for a while or hopefully maybe the rest of my career. I’m coming over from delivering clear and dyed diesel fuel to some pretty big customers. I had my ups and downs with...
  4. Cee El

    NIB Red Smoke & NIB Smoke Gateway-$70 each

    I have a NIB Red Thermoworks Smoke and a NIB Smoke Gateway for sale. Both were never opened, and never used. I’m asking $70 each, or $140 for the set. Payment via PayPal, please, or maybe CashApp. I am located in upstate South Carolina. PM if interested. Thank you.
  5. Cee El

    Downsizing maybe??

    So I was thinking about selling all my grills except one, a 1996 Genesis that was supposed to be a full-on rehab project, but my attention waned once I painted the firebox and changed the burners, Flavorizer bars, and the igniter. The last time I used it, it went up in flames from some really...
  6. Cee El

    Accessories in SC-Slow N Sear Plus & more

    PM if interested
  7. Cee El

    Performer Deluxe in SC I'm the seller. PM if interested. Thanks.
  8. Cee El

    Performer and 26er For Sale-South Carolina

    Performer and Craycorts For Sale-South Carolina Hi all, I'm selling two pieces of my collection, both acquired in the last year. Call it downsizing. Either way, I'd like them gone. Holler if anyone is interested. Mr. Cee
  9. Cee El

    Super Bowl/Day Off/Sunday Dinner

    Hi! I had the day off. Nuff said, right? Plus, it's Super Bowl Sunday. I'm really not a football fan per se, but I usually catch the Super Bowl if I can. I did some baby backs and chicken wings on the grill I got for Christmas, a Char-Broil Kettleman. The ribs were seasoned with Tony's...
  10. Cee El

    Russian Wings

    Hi, everyone! I wanted to share a cook from this afternoon that turned out really well for me, and allowed me to use up some things from the cabinets that I'd accumulated over time. This is based off a recipe I found online...
  11. Cee El

    Walmart sale on KBB

    I just left out of my local store with 8 16.7lb double packs of KBB for $8.94 each pack! They are a Special Buy on I did a Pick Up Today and bought all they had, but the price was $16.96 in the store. Heckuva deal if you ask me. It was basically Buy One, Get One Free.
  12. Cee El

    Today's Turkey

    Happy Holidays to everyone here at TVWBB. I wanted to show a shot of a 14 lb turkey I just pulled off my 26" kettle. It's not for me, but for a young man at work who won't be able to go home for the holidays due to the demands of our jobs (Retail). The turkey is a Butterball, so it's...
  13. Cee El

    26 incher for $175 in South Carolina

    I am downsizing, so my loss would be someone else's gain. I just don't have the room. $175 is my rock bottom lowest price. Thanks for looking.
  14. Cee El

    Weber 26 for sale (SC) $275
  15. Cee El

    Ribs: My Personal Best

    These were Smithfield Extra Tender Pork Spares that were marked down to $5.52. I trimmed them STL style and applied mustard and rub, wrapped them and placed in the fridge for 16 hours. I got the Performer going at 300*, applied another rub, and on they went. I used Pecan chips for smoke. Here...
  16. Cee El

    Pulled Pork When There's No Time

    On the last night of my work rotation, my partner called in sick. I left that morning prepared to work an extra day, and I stopped at my favorite grocery store to find something to cook for lunch. I decided to make a quick pulled pork. I buy country ribs and smoke them, then finish up in my...
  17. Cee El

    Day off brisket point

    Good evening! So after a semi-rough last work rotation , I knew that I needed to really enjoy my time off before I go back to work. I had a 2 lb brisket point in the freezer, and I decided to just let the smoke roll, man. I seasoned her with Weber's Smoking Rub and garlic pepper, and used a...
  18. Cee El

    Honey shrimp

    Hi all, So a couple days ago, I saw extra large frozen shrimp in a local store. I didn't buy them. The next day, my wife is going on about how she couldn't watch a tv show contestant "head" shrimp because she thought it was disgusting. Okay. Later, while looking for something else to throw...
  19. Cee El

    Buying on Craigslist

    I've bought all my grills new, but I've read on this forum and others stories of people finding incredible deals on Craigslist. How safe is this and how far would one be willing to travel for a deal? Just wondering.
  20. Cee El

    Chicken, sausage, and corn

    Hello, All! I just wanted to share a quick Sunday cook I did on my Performer. Four ugly chicken thighs that were marinated for 48 hours in Italian dressing, de-boned, and seasoned with Cavender's Greek Seasoning, placed indirect on the grates. Kingsford Applewood for heat. Two cans of corn...