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  1. J

    Life Changes....

    Greetings from Copenhagen, Denmark love it, love to get a peak into another persons life, to see how other peoples lives. Great post. great house, great cooks.
  2. J

    One Happy little girl!!!

    i love it... just startet grilling my self with my 9 year old son.. best thing in the world to spend time with the kids
  3. J

    Pork Belly

    Tony.. as always.. great looking food.. BUT.... I want that shirt... TheLastJerry
  4. J

    Our new oasis

    Wow.... Amazing redecor
  5. J

    Old Fashoned Beef Stew On A Cold Night

    amazing.... i really like your surroundings... i looks like i placed i would like to get old
  6. J

    Tacos Al Pastor & Vertical Rotisserie

    btw looks amazing
  7. J

    Tacos Al Pastor & Vertical Rotisserie
  8. J

    Little chickens on the charcoal summit.

    amazing tony!!!!
  9. J

    Enchiladas Verdes

    looking good tony :)
  10. J

    My First Cold Smoked Cheese

    im not sure im getting that smoked cheese thing? :rolleyes:
  11. J


    awesome post Tony
  12. J

    Everyone's favorite!

    it looks great tony.. One day.. ill take the long way and come visit you, then i must try all your tacos... and beers :)
  13. J

    Sunday and Anthony is at it again.

    looks great my friend, im hungry now
  14. J

    Tony's Carne Asada

    i must do this recipe soon, what kind of meat cut is it?
  15. J

    chicken on cobb grill

    hi guys.. its been a while since i last used my cobb grill, so i thought it was time to give it a try. ( i know its not a weber ) i did a whole chicken (about 3lbs) gave it a good amount of Boemsen BBQ Rub, its really good. I used briquette since i didnt have anything else than a cobb stone...
  16. J

    Glazed Applesmoked Ham.

    It has been custom made to fit the thermometer, take a look at this link.
  17. J

    Glazed Applesmoked Ham.

    hi.. Last night i did a glazed and smoked ham, it turned out really well. bought a 4lbs ham, speared it, gave it around 2hours with plenty of applesmoke. when 20 minutess left, i started glazing it with a glaze of mustard and brownsugar and some capt.morgans spiced rum for fun. when 5 minutes...
  18. J

    First batch of beef baby back ribs

    Ja tak! Looking really really good, i must get me one of those wsm'
  19. J

    fooling around with pork

    i placed the loins in the tray on a cold grill, then startet the tubesmoker and let it smoke for about 30 before turning the heat on, after that indirect for about 25 minuntes i think, took them out of the tray for the last 5 minutes directly on the grill.. fell free to ask if you need more info :)