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  1. Chris in Louisiana

    Have you got your covid vaccine yet?

    Moderna. We just had sore arms after the 1st. The 2nd one put us in bed the next day with fever, aches, etc, but it passed by that evening. An relative got Moderna in a retirement facility. None of the old folks had side effects, but younger staff did. I've since read in USA Today that "younger...
  2. Chris in Louisiana

    Knives recommendations

    A BBQ blogger did a survey of dozens of BBQ joints around the country and posted the results. Lots of Dexter and Victorinox, but also plenty of other choices. Knives Used By Your Favorite BBQ Joints
  3. Chris in Louisiana

    A little burger fun on the SmokeFire🔥

    Looks good. I would eat it. But would be sure to take my omeprazole pill first.
  4. Chris in Louisiana

    Finally got a WSM

    Congrats! show us some results when you get it cooking.
  5. Chris in Louisiana

    Help with temperature

    I generally pull butts anywhere in the 195-200 range. The temp will usually vary from spot to spot, so I look for the average to be in that area, and for the probe to go in like butter. I keep notes, and those pulled at 195 had excellent texture.
  6. Chris in Louisiana

    Help with temperature

    That does seem a long time for a single pork butt. I usually cook two at a time, and it takes anywhere from 12.5 to 17 hours. I recently smoked a single 8.8 pounder. Lit 30 briquettes for Minion start with H2O in pan and set bottom vents at about 25%. I don't fuss with measuring grate temps...
  7. Chris in Louisiana

    Smoked Chicken: February 07, 2021.

    If I use the WSM for chicken, I like the Hot and Fast Chicken approcah in the cooking topics section. I've done it many times for family, and it's a hit. You can modify the seasonings or add more wood to taste; the basic cooking approach works well. Hot and Fast recipe
  8. Chris in Louisiana

    Do we even need chimneys?

    You just need to use more lighter fluid. :cool:
  9. Chris in Louisiana

    Finishing too fast?

    How long did it end up taking? Sometimes those last 10 or 20 degrees of meat temp can take hours to arrive.
  10. Chris in Louisiana

    Summit ignition issue

    I have not looked at my module, but a guy on YouTube was going to crack into his, only to find it was a sealed unit. I emailed Weber and asked if I could get just the module (hoping they might just send me one for free). They replied: That's reasonable, but I decided to just order the whole...
  11. Chris in Louisiana

    Summit ignition issue

    I saw a video where a guy mentioned buying just the igniter module on It's just $16.39. module Anyone have any experience buying from them?
  12. Chris in Louisiana

    Gas Grilled Salmon

    I do something similar with North Atlantic farmed. Season and put on gas grill, preheated on medium, meat side down. Close the lid and let cook about 5 minutes, then start checking with tongs until rocking it side to side will let the meat release. Then turn it over to skin side down and cook...
  13. Chris in Louisiana

    Summit ignition issue

    The igniter on my Weber E-330 NG just quit after 4 years. It worked fine before our recent super-freeze, but after a few days in single digits, no fuego. Replacing the battery did not produce even a click, and the contacts look clean. I guess the cold killed it. Looks like it's time to order...
  14. Chris in Louisiana

    SPG Barbecue

    Challenge accepted. Salt and pepper only ribs will be my next cook. It‘s often touted for brisket, and I’ve done that often, but we tend to go nuts with multi-ingredient rubs for pork ribs. Will be interesting to taste the results.
  15. Chris in Louisiana

    Got a Center Pork Roast... Now it's time to ask for advice.

    A restaurant served me a grilled pork chop. One of their sides was fancy cheese grits, maybe with Gouda. A match made in heaven. I told the waitress that she must insist that anyone who ordered the pork chop also get the cheese grits.
  16. Chris in Louisiana

    Dave's Masterbuilt 1050 Gravity Feed Experiences

    I was looking for info on the Masterbuilt gravity models and came across this very informative thread. I can add a couple of bits of updated info on two issues noted. Dave said the fire box door switch gave him issues. Amazing Ribs did a long-term review and had safety switch failures. They...
  17. Chris in Louisiana

    From Russia with love

    Very interesting. It's always fun to learn about other parts of the world. Sometimes the folks there aren't as different as we might imagine. I sure did not guess there would be that many Weber dealers in the Moscow area.
  18. Chris in Louisiana

    Chimichurri Pork loin roast

    Good chimichurri makes everything better.
  19. Chris in Louisiana

    First Ever Rack of Pork Cook

    As Borat says, "Very Nice!" The slicing made me chuckle. We've all been there.
  20. Chris in Louisiana

    Peruvian Chicken and Rice

    Pretty good loking meal for a $2 chicken.