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  1. Geir Widar

    I still know how to do it.

    Lousy summer, the coldest one in the last ten years. Furthermore, I'm not too happy with my life, to be frank. Today I smoked some spare ribs. I still know how to do it. Feels good. Believe it or not, I have not tweaked the picture. Had to use flash, since it's nightfall here at 6PM. Hope you...
  2. Geir Widar


    I feed the birds all year round. For several years I've had a woodpecker eating a lot of food, but today something happened. It chose to end its life against a window pane, all dark, no light in the room. Look for the shadow of the bird in the video, the woodpecker is not visible, but you can...
  3. Geir Widar

    Just had to share my night sky

    I did not know I lived near a dragon's den.. The picture, shot just before midnight, is a bleak copy of the actual view. I hope you like it. From now on, the days will be shorter, and winter is coming.
  4. Geir Widar

    Arctic pig chop cut

    Long time no see. I have not had the energy needed to post anything, and to be honest, I have used my grills much less this year than before. Today I used my grill with the rottisserie to make dinner. Just a couple of pictures, no plated picture, but here it goes. It's better than no pictures...
  5. Geir Widar

    It's time for Christmas preparations.

    It's almost december, and I've been busy preparing for the holidays. I'd like to share a quite unusual dish. Here in Norway, we like our cold food. It's normal to eat just one hot meal per day, so lunch meals are normally cold. We eat a lot of bread, and you need something to put on the bread...
  6. Geir Widar

    Cold smoked salmon

    Cold smoked salmon 2014 I was not sure where to post, as this thread could fit in several forums. I'm trying to show how I cold smoke salmon, using a home made venturi smoker, and a WSM. First of all, I've had a cold smoker, but it has been quite cumbersome to use, as it needed a tap with a...
  7. Geir Widar

    Norwegian style pork chops

    I’m trying to post something different. No rubs, no sauces, just simple pure fantastic ingredients. I’m not trying to imply that using a lot of spices is wrong, but sometimes a simple approach works, if you have great meat to work with. I’ve written before about the mountain pigs in Norway...
  8. Geir Widar

    Fried green tomatoes

    I managed to snip off the wrong branch on one of my tomato plants, and I suddenly had a bunch of green tomatoes. What a bummer. Or maybe not. I also made some fried squids to eat with the tomatoes. Not bad, If I must say so. Thank you for your time.
  9. Geir Widar

    Bacon crisp chicken on the WSM

    It's about time that I make a new post. I hope you like this one, it's a dish I've made several times. Now, pour some rice flour in a bowl. Add some dry rub/spices/ to the flour, and cover your chicken parts with the mixture. Here I have used chicken wings, but I have used other parts of the...
  10. Geir Widar

    Just two rib pics, not a grill in sight.

    A tradition is a tradition. If I'd grill the Christmas rib over charcoal, there would be riots, and the planet would probably shift on it axis. So, this is made inside, in a stove, using all the usual rituals, which goes like this: - Five days before Christmas eve, remove the ribs from the...
  11. Geir Widar

    Poultry paradise for lunch

    The swedes are known for their "Smorgasbord". I'd say they learned from us. My oldest son is for some reason not very fond of cold meat from pigs, so I had to make something for him so he can enjoy the breakfasts and cold lunches this christmas. We almost never do hot lunches here where I live...
  12. Geir Widar

    Even more bacon.

    I have not posted much lately, and there are several reasons. One reason is that I use my Webers less during winter, there is so much other food to make as well. It's dark here at three o'clock, difficult to take pictures and so on. Enough said, and on to the Bacon for Christmas Nine pounds of...
  13. Geir Widar

    Adding spices to the cure- a waste of taste?

    I’m about to start yet another bacon cure, and I’ve finally found the time to make this thread. I’ve been thinking about this for a long time. I’ve been making salted cured pork belly for many years, and after getting the WSM, and joining the forum, I’ve tried to add spices to the mix, and...
  14. Geir Widar


    OK, I admit, not a grill in sight, and the preps are down to buying stuff at the store, cutting it to pieces and boil some potatoes. But still, if you like to see what we eat during fall here in Norway, read on. If not, you know what to do. This meal consists mainly of raw, fermented trout...
  15. Geir Widar

    Even bore boring bacon, and a nipple slip or two

    In spite of all the bacon posts, some might not tried it yet. It's easy, a piece of cake, and the result is way beyond the stuff you can buy at most stores. Funfact- less than 30% of "smoked food" you can buy here in Norway is actually smoked. The rest is sprayed with liquid smoke. I wonder...
  16. Geir Widar

    Arctic Pig 2013, dizzy ribs

    I don’t know if any of you remember last year’s thread about the Arctic pigs, but this year I did not want to wait at the meat counter at the store, so I bought one. Or, more precisely, a half one. I wonder if it was this cutie. Thanks to Ondřej Ryjáček for «lending» me the picture...
  17. Geir Widar

    Vegetables from Wisconsin

    So, no grill? And to make the insult even worse, it is a vegetarian meal! Almost, if you remove the cured ham and the salumi. I like to choose from my arsenal of tools. In this case, it was raining cats and dogs outside, the temperature was 46F, and to use coals under the skillet is just a...
  18. Geir Widar

    Filled pork tenderloin

    This is something that I make several times a year. It is easy to make, it does not take much time, and the result is usually very nice. I’ve usually made this in a stove, but I must admit that the grill adds a that special touch. First of all, take a pork tenderloin, I’m sure the ones you can...
  19. Geir Widar

    Keftedes, Green house stuff and a black ride

    OK, so I admit it. I might be more inspired by Mr. Lampe’s thread than I should. But it’s only food, and black things with wheels on, so here we go. I enjoyed a short vacation in Greece this summer, and I wanted to copy a...
  20. Geir Widar

    Weber pizza top for the 22.5" charcoal grills

    I finally got my hand on this. Been waiting for it for months. A bit pricey, 290 USD. Looks like this, closed And open. The "old" Weber pizza stone is smaller, and can not be used on this unit. Furthermore, no pizza plate was found, so thankfully I had a couple from my other cooks...