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  1. M Craw

    Charbroiled rib tips.

    Go Sox!
  2. M Craw

    New Attachment for the 22" kettle soon to be released

    That thing looks like a PITA to keep clean. Something else to cover in foil I imagine. It does look interesting, however. Thx for sharing.
  3. M Craw

    Lazy morning breakfast

    Whadya doin' to me??? That looks amazing!!!
  4. M Craw

    Pounding on the drum...ettes!

    That glaze made me feel all funny inside.... WOW! Great ingredients!!!
  5. M Craw

    Thigh me!

    Man! I've been craving some thighs... Well done!
  6. M Craw

    What music streaming services do you recommend...?

    I'm currently using Amazon Music HD and I like it a lot. I primarily only use it to listen to albums on my home hi-fi system (Marantz amp w/ NHT monitors) and it sounds great, and has had every album I've ever wanted to listen to. My son uses Spotify, and when I asked "why" he said "bc it...
  7. M Craw

    Poor Man’s Tenderloins

    x2 - I'm also intrigued.
  8. M Craw

    Official 2021 Upper Midwest Weber Gas Grill Meet thread

    Subscribed (DSM, IA here)
  9. M Craw

    Amigo, It's Cold Outside

    Oh man. Thoughts and prayers. Do what you can for your family and house. This sucks!
  10. M Craw

    Anyone watching The American Barbecue Showdown?

    Yeah, I watched it. I had mixed feelings.
  11. M Craw

    Whole gator on a Ranch Kettle

    This is simply fantastic! Thanks for the pics and detailed cooking procedure. Well done!
  12. M Craw

    Whole gator on a Ranch Kettle

    Post of The Year! :oops::oops::oops::LOL::LOL::LOL:
  13. M Craw

    SB brisket

    Looks great! Did you cut the point w/ the flat?
  14. M Craw

    The best frozen fries we've ever had

    I'm pretty sure I just saw them at my local grocer's frozen section. I'll check the next time I'm there too.
  15. M Craw

    New Dry Rub for Ribs --- Maybe the Best Yet? (Secret Ingredient....)

    @Jeff B's "duck on a June bug" line damn near made me spit all over my keyboard.
  16. M Craw

    New Dry Rub for Ribs --- Maybe the Best Yet? (Secret Ingredient....)

    Those look really, really good! Might have to try this. Thx!
  17. M Craw

    Foiled Vortex ~cool or not cool~

    If it works, it's right. Lookin' good to me!
  18. M Craw

    What games do you like to play?

    Chess mainly. Does poker count as a board game? 🤑