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  1. Gary London

    Recent cooks again

    Been a while but here are some recent cooks of mine. Got myself a "Vortex" and what a simple but great bit of kit. Overcooked due to an exciting football (aka soccer) final Got my butcher to debone a whole chicken than stuff it with meat from a couple of his Italian sausages. Then had to...
  2. Gary London

    Recent cooks

    Been a while since I posted photos on here. Had problems with Photobucket. Here's a few highlights Cote de Beouf. A fancied trimmed bone in forerib. Oak smoked. Bit of direct finishing Same cut but Pork Plated - really enjoyed this one Cheap supermarket (Tesco) ribeye with...
  3. Gary London

    Short ribs, smoked then braised on stout

    Beef short ribs from local butcher (Ginger Pig) Trimmed and rubbed with Plowboys Bovine Gold. Found it to be very peppery. I am starting to get to grips with the CyberQ and learnt to use 2/3rds of a chimney of well lit briqs to start. These Aussie Heat Bead are very dense and take quite a...
  4. Gary London

    Recent cooks part 2/2 Butterflied leg of lamb

    Butterflied leg of lamb in rosemary and garlic marinade. Bought this ready prepared by the local butcher. Diced spuds with shallots (I am addicted to shallots) in the Lodge pan (I love CI pans and need more!) and grilled the lamb direct. Other side was a ready made black lentil dal...
  5. Gary London

    Recent cooks part 1/2

    Here are some of my recent cooks. Haven't had time to post them individually recently. Twirled a chook Made my version of Pugilese Bombette with pork leg and manchego cheese. Look at those failed ABTs they needed a skewer. Bombettes were very good. I will do those again. Pork belly...
  6. Gary London

    Baby Backs, red rice salad and beans

    4 racks of Costco loin ribs. Mixed up some remnants of some different rubs I had. 8kg of Aussie heat beads, plus some oak and cherry. Dumped two thirds of a chimney of lit coals on tap. Wanted more heat at the start. Last couple of cooks with CyberQ took too long to get up to temp so...
  7. Gary London

    Meteorite pork shoulder landed on my table

    Did a 5.5lb Costco boneless pork shoulder which took about 19 hours to reach 192f before I had to give up. Didn't want to wrap it. Lost quite a few photos because my iPhone has finally given up. Super black bark Pulled OK but previous ones have been a bit easier. Slaw with a red...
  8. Gary London

    Mid-week madness - more lamb and fixings

    Not sure what happened but we usually avoid too much red meat during the week and treat ourselves at weekends. I have been on leave this week. Wife has a herniated disc and in agony so I have been house-husband. Got the condition properly diagnosed via an MRI today, injection booked for...
  9. Gary London

    Saturday night scoff

    Bought some Harissa lamb kebabs (again) from local butcher. Added some sweetcorn, potatoes and onions and a very nice grilled bell pepper salad.
  10. Gary London

    Saturday night T-bone

    Couple of T-bones that have been in the freezer since Christmas. Twice cooked spuds, bell peppers, carrots and shallots. Used some "restaurant grade" lumpwood which burns very clean and very hot. These steaks were a bit thin so just a quick sear needed. Need to get some bigger plates.
  11. Gary London

    Festive period cooks

    Thought I would bundle my recent Xmas and New Year cooks into one post. Xmas Eve. Couple of slabs of ribs on the WSM. Wings, padron peppers (that look like jalapenos), corn and asparagus on the kettle. Xmas Turkey disappointing but I regret not having a practice. I can cook a better one...
  12. Gary London

    Sunday lunch - Boneless leg of lamb on the rotisserie

    Costco boneless leg of lamb. It came in netting that I took off and then tied it with a couple of loops of string to keep it all in place. Used the roti with a full chimney of new and some some part used briqs. Cooked under the Christmas tree lights on the decking. Resting On the plate...
  13. Gary London

    BBQ Guru ATCs - Which one?

    PartyQ, DigiQ or CyberQ? I am very tempted to buy one of these. Which one though? I like the idea of WiFi on the CyberQ and using a smartphone app. Costs more though. Any thoughts?
  14. Gary London

    Lamb Chops, crushed new pots and a butter bean and black bean concoction

    Found a rack of lamb in freezer today. Thawed it and cut it into chops. Marinaded in S&P, Rapeseed oil, rosemary and garlic. Lots of different types of beans in the cupboard so tried a random combination. Butter Beans and Black beans, tin of cherry toms, large onion sliced, molasses, paparika...
  15. Gary London

    Another unrolled brisket

    So tonight I am going to do an overnight cook. Costco in UK don't do full packer briskets but they started doing a rolled flat at a reasonable price (for the U.K.). Doesn't need much trimming. Set up the 22.5 WSM with Aussie Heat beads, using the OCD style that Tony has been successful with...
  16. Gary London

    Sunday Bone-in shoulder of lamb

    Apologies for no cooking action or plated shots. Fairly small shoulder of lamb. Plenty of fat and connective bits. Trimmed a fair amount off. Turner and George Lamb and Mutton rub (mostly smoked salt), plus plenty of pepper, some fresh rosemary and slivers of garlic pushed into cuts in the...
  17. Gary London

    Saturday night wings

    Wings were overcooked but I blame early sunsets and the lack of light. :D The asparagus wrapped in pancetta was a great appetizer and the twice cooked baked spuds with cheddar and spring onions (scalliions) were the highlight.
  18. Gary London

    Pork Loin on the rotiserrie

    Too hectic last week with a dinner party to keep taking photos/videos but felt the need to share this. Started with this from my butchery class. Cut, rolled and tied by my own fair (clearly amateur) hand. Turned it into this No plated photo's but it went down well and the leftovers for...
  19. Gary London

    Sunday dinner for three

    Another family member to cook for. It's probably just coincidence they are in but also probably desperate for a decent meal after the usual weekend mayhem. Costco rump steak. Hand cut crinkle fries in the the style of McCain. These take so long to prepare with all those wavy cuts. Spicy...
  20. Gary London

    Saturday night dinner for two - not alone this time!

    After an enjoyable 7 mile dog walk in the morning and doing some weekend chores in the afternoon the thoughts turn to WTH are we having for dinner. Quick whizz around the supermarket to find something a little lighter than those magnificent pork chops. So it has to be chicken - wings, leg and...