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  1. Robert W

    Roll Call, Who's Smoking?

    We have three 8.5 pound butts on. They've been going since 8:30 last evening. Bob
  2. Robert W


    Finally got around to loading my pics to PhotoBucket. BBs and homemade potato salad.
  3. Robert W

    Scary find Cleaning Grill *****

    Reported on Fox News website: Bob
  4. Robert W

    And now for something different......Kettle Cake

    Not much of a smoke ring, but nice looking bark.
  5. Robert W

    How to clean your grill

    A tip from a military base housing inspector for cleaning the stove. It works well for BBQ grill too. Place racks in plastic garbage bag, add a cup or so of ammonia, tie shut, let it sun-soak on driveway for a couple hours. Minor clean with soap and water (to remove ammonia), rinse and you...
  6. Robert W

    Triple B!

    Triple B: Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful! I want to be your brother. Are your parents are open to adoption?
  7. Robert W

    First Butt: Renowned Mr. Brown

    Doug, Bark looks great to me. Sounds like you over-filled the charcoal chamber/ring. I usually fill to about level w/ top of the ring, leaving room for the lit briquettes (10-12). My butts go anywhere from 13-16 hours, deepening on size. I don't use water (clay saucer/base) and Guru temp...
  8. Robert W

    Pepper Stout Beef

    Mark, Perfect execution of a great recipe!
  9. Robert W

    Larry Wolfe's BEST Recipe (revisited)

    I make this often. One of my favorites. Easy to prepare...awesome taste.
  10. Robert W

    18.5" vs 22.5" WSM

    Welcome Mark, I would get the 22. I have the 18 and wish I had the 22 for the increased capacity.
  11. Robert W

    About to pull the trigger on a DigiQ DX

    Stuart, I bought a Digi-Q II a couple years ago and have no regrets. I use it in conjunction with the Maverick ET-73 that I bought prior to the Digi-Q II. Using both together, eliminates the need to baby sit the cooker. As you stated, with the WSM, there really isn't a need for ATC, but I...
  12. Robert W

    water, sand, or confused.

    Allen, Everything you ever wanted to know about the water pan:
  13. Robert W


    Brian, Your answer can be found here:
  14. Robert W

    pics from today's pulled pork cook

    Great looking PP. I noticed your chimney sitting on a concrete pad. From what I've read on this site, you may want to change that practice. The concrete can explode. It is mentioned in the "how to use a chimney" link in the "operating Tips & Mods" section...
  15. Robert W

    Got a K convert next door!

    Give a man some BBQ, feed him for a day. Show a man how to BBQ... well, you know the rest... Bob W.
  16. Robert W

    ::Official:: 4th of July Smoke Thread!!!

    Got four butts on. Bob W
  17. Robert W

    Will I smoke out my neighbors?

    It wouldn't hurt to offer some BBQ to them. Bob
  18. Robert W

    Clay Saucer... High Alt

    Michael, I recently left NM where we were at ~5500 ft. I have used both an empty, foiled pan as well as a clay saucer. No issues with either method. Bob
  19. Robert W

    What's a good one person smoke?

    Don't forget a couple dozen ABT's...
  20. Robert W

    How do you slice your Brisket?

    Steve, My preferred method is to remove as much fat as possible from between the point and flat (almost totally separate the point) and add rub between the two. I remove the point once the flat reaches done. I then return the point to the WSM for a couple hours for the burnt ends. I then...