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  1. JeffG

    Santa Barbara SS Performer extra gas can $100.00..Not Mine
  2. JeffG

    ( GONE).......Weber Ranch Kettle $500.00 not mine..San Clemente Ca.......SOLD.....

    If this is a real post the grill looks good. And no i'm not going to buy it. We all want one but don't really need one.:)
  3. JeffG

    Is this sacrilegious ?

    I turned a leftover Tri-Tip into beef stroganoff .....dam it was good. I will be doing it again. The original cook and you're plate.... The Rub You're plate.... Cut into chunks for the beef stroganoff .. And then Stroganoff. It turned out really good and I will defiantly...
  4. JeffG

    Brand new 36" Weber smoke fire pellet grill - $850 Not Mine
  5. JeffG

    SS Performer $50.00 Santa Barbara CL.
  6. JeffG

    She's a beauty, CL Orange county. Not mine...
  7. JeffG

    Whats your favorite Flank Steak recipe?

    I went to Costco on the way home from work and picked up some tasty looking Flank steak. I know the longer you marinade it the better it taste, so whats your go to recipe? I did a very simple evoo, kosher salt, and course black pepper.... always good. Thanks Jeff
  8. JeffG

    Blue gas assist SS Performer $100.00 Pacific Beach.

    I Hope somebody on here gets this. It took me 3 years of looking around to find a blue one and this one looks to be in good condition.
  9. JeffG

    Genesis 5500 natural gas, $500.00

    Is this guy off his rocker.
  10. JeffG

    Steak, Chicken, Pork chops mm, BBQ' Meatloaf...oh Yeah.

    I looked around the web for a Weber bbq meatloaf recipe and a Jamie Purviance meatloaf recipe popped up. Sorry Mom. Jamie's meatloaf recipe was absolutely delicious and I will be defiantly be doing this again for sure. Here's the recipe. It's for a gasser, but charcoal fans can adapt...
  11. JeffG

    Weber Summit 6 burner BBQ Grill 670 w/ Rotisserie Side Burner - $1,200 I wish it was mine.. She's a beauty....
  12. JeffG

    Orange County Craigslist Weber Smokey Mountain 22”, a score for someone..$125.00
  13. JeffG

    22" WSM Looks new, $175.00... Orange County Craigs list....Not Mine
  14. JeffG

    Another 26R for sale in Orange County. And a nice looking 22 in blue....
  15. JeffG

    Weber 26R for sale in San Diego..... Not Mine You don't find many of these for sale on Craigslist.
  16. JeffG

    Craigslist Weber bbq's this week in Orange County..

    Starting off with a interesting Ranch Kettle. $1000.00 Next up a nice Weber Gasser..$80.00
  17. JeffG

    Weber Ranch Kettle $550.00 San Diego Ca. Not Mine....

    Not cosmetically perfect, but a great price for a Ranch Kettle. Hope someone on here gets it...
  18. JeffG

    Old Gasser for sale Is this a rust bucket or worth the money?
  19. JeffG

    One pic dinner, Roadside chicken (my first time), jalapeño poppers, andouille sausage pig snouts

    Why did i wait so long to make Roadside was delicious...
  20. JeffG

    NIB Rotisserie for Weber Genesis Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

    I hope one of you gasser guys needs / wants / was looking for one of these. Jeff