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    Better thermometer for Genesis Grill

    Hi All, The thermometer that came with my new Genesis E-310 is very inaccurate. Does anyone know of a "good" drop in replacement? Thanks Al
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    Kingsford Bargain

    My local Home Depot has 18# bags of Kingsford Original for $3.88. I got 10 bags. My wife thinks I'm nuts. She wants to know what I'm going to cook with all that charcoal.
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    Talk about a hot grill!

    Hi All, I just recently re-furbed a Genesis Silver "B" gas grill. It was given to me by a friend who found it behind a hardware store near his house. It was in very good shape. I changed the regular stuff new flavorizer bars PCI grates etc. I fired it up and it seemed to be running on the hot...
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    Silver B running very hot

    Hi All, It was time to replace my aging Genesis 1000. I really wanted to spring for a new EP 310 but I was able to get ahold of a slightly used 2003 Silver B Premium LP. I cleaned it up, replaced the regulator, the flavorizer bars, got PCI grates and even swapped the ugly green lid for my...
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    Heat Source

    Jamie, What do you feel are the major differences between cooking with gas vs. cooking with charcoal, briquets etc. Do you think it's possible to get similar results? Thanks Al
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    What Blizzard??

    Wind 40-50 MPH Snow 8" and clinbing Visability Near whitout conditions. Temp 225° and the ribs are smokin' away !!!!! Al
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    Totally Trimmed Flats

    I am going nuts trying to decide how to cook these totally fatless brisket flats. I usually can get pretty nice briskets from Costco, but lately all they are carrying are these totally trimmed ones. After reading a couple of the recent threads concerning brisket cooking methods, I am on...
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    Yield of Picnic vs. butt

    Hi all, Can someone who cooks picnics and butts please tell me if there is any difference in the final yield of edible meat from a picnic vs. a bone in butt and maybe a boneless butt as well. I did a couple of boneless butts yesterday and got a 43% loss. The reason I'm asking is that I've...
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    ??Dry brisket???

    Hi Ray My question comes from the experience of cooking a brisket this past weekend. Against my better judgement, I bought a "Select" grade packer from Wal-mart. It was about 8 pounds. Cooked over hardwood charcoal at 225° for about 12 hours. After cooking until a fork could penetrate easily...
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    Brisket foiling temp?

    I've got a small 8# brisket sitting happily under a 8# butt. They went on last night around 7:00. Well its now 12 hours later things are going along fine, the Guru has kept the temps at 225° all night. I have been thinking about foiling the brisket to keep it from getting dried out. I found an...
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    When do you rub ribs??

    Hi All, I am doing a bunch of BB ribs this weekend and was trying to decide when to put on the rub. I have done it overnight and I have done it just before going on the smoker. I usually do mustard or W sauce then the rub. So,I was wondering, other than the possibility of getting a "hammy"...
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    Crispy Skin ??

    O.K. did anyone achive the oh so illusive crisp skin on their smoked turkey ???? I don't mean sort of crisp but the real McCoy like on a grilled or oven roasted bird. I had my smoker at 350° for almost the entire cook. (Two full chimneys lit, foiled empty water pan and the 10 cfm fan on the...
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    Two butts w/ different rubs?

    I am cooking two butts the weekend to bring to a party. I think most of the poor souls going have never experienced the heavenly taste of pulled pork. They're more used to the typical fare of burgers dogs and chicken. I can't make up my mind as to which rub to use. If I end up using two...
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    First cook with lump and Guru

    Well, I was curious about cooking with lump vs. my old standby Kingsford. I don't have any issues with briquettes, I just wanted to see how long a cook I could get with hardwood charcoal and the wonderful Guru. I filled the ring as full as I could get it with Ozark Oak lump and then buried...
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    Costco ribs enhanced??

    I am having a hard time finding ribs that have not been enhanced. Anyone out there in the Boston area know of a source for fresh pork ribs. I have seen cryo pacs of ribs at Costco but don't recall if they were enhanced or not. Thanks Al
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    When do you put the meat on ??

    Hi, I am getting ready to do a midnight brisket cook using my Guru and MM (and #2 rub)and was wondering ...Should I put the put the meat on right after assembling the WSM and let the Guru bring it up to temp.OR wait till it gets to temp and then put the meat on????? Thanks Al
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    When is Temp. STABLE?

    Hi All, Getting ready to do my first "All Nighter" with two 8# boneless butts and was wondering what level of temp fluctuation or lack of fluctuation is looked for before one says "well that looks good to me ,I'm goin' to bed"? Seems I'm always playing around with the vents to keep the temps...
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    Applying rub before freezing.

    Hi All, I was pondering the idea of spicing up a couple of butts before freezing. Anyone done this or have any opinions. I generaly dont't like to freeze meat but you know the drill...Go to Costo for paper towels and come home with 25# lbs. of pork !!! Al
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    Rubs...Overnight or Few hours?

    Hi All I woke up this morning needing ribs. I usually spice up the little "meat handles" at least 24 hours before they get the heat. I was wondering what the concensus was on whether rubbibg 2 or 3 hours before the meat sees the heat is good enough or should I rub today and "Q" tomorrow? I...
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    Getting Started

    Hi, Getting ready to use my brand new WSM this weekend. I have filled my head with reams and reams of great info from this forum. I have but one simple question. What is the best(easiest) fuel for a newbie to use. Is it the good old Kingsford charcoal bricketts or should I go looking for...