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  1. Matt H

    Finally smoked my first brisket

    I've had my WSM for years, but never cooked a brisket. I guess I've always been intimidated by such an expensive piece of meat. Being in Jersey, I can't find cheap brisket anywhere. Finally pulled the trigger and picked up a 13 pounder for $3.99/lb at the Restaurant Depot. It was a CAB brisket...
  2. Matt H

    WSM Hinge Installed

    Love the new hinge I received for Christmas. I highly recommend everyone picking one of these up. Hinge 1 by Matthew Heney, on Flickr Hinge 2 by Matthew Heney, on Flickr
  3. Matt H

    New Jersey > Somerville: Smokehouse BBQ

    I ate here not too long ago and was pretty disappointed. The fried pickles were delicious, but the bbq itself was pretty bad. I had the brisket sandwich, which was sliced the way I like it, but it was just gray meat on soggy bread. No bark, no smoke ring, almost as if it were cooked in an...
  4. Matt H

    The things people throw away

    Found this gem sitting sadly next to a dumpster, so I adopted her and gave her a new home. she was only gently used. And according to the date code, only 7 years old. And then I made some pickles..
  5. Matt H

    Future of tvwbb part 2.

    I know I'm a little late to the party, but I wanted to throw my question into the ring if it's not too late. Has anyone ever approached you (i.e. Weber) offering to buy the site from you? Would you consider it? Also, have you thought about who would take the reins after you retire from running...
  6. Matt H

    Weber Refrigerator

    Has anyone ever seen these before? I didn't know Weber made coolers.
  7. Matt H

    PartyQ AC adapter mod for less than 10 bucks

    I love my PartyQ, but like so many others, I wished it has an alternate power supply built in. I borrowed this idea from someone else, so I can't take full credit, but here's the process for anyone interested. It's really simple and inexpensive. The fan runs on half an amp, so I purchased a...
  8. Matt H

    Minion Method Methods..

    I've been trying to think of ways to maximize the efficiency of the Minion method, but don't want to waste the charcoal to test them, so I'll turn to the experts. My go-to method is to put a layer of unlit in the ring, add a few chunks of wood, fill the ring the rest of the way with unlit and...
  9. Matt H

    Restaurant Quality

    Hi Dave! I loved watching you cook alongside Brad Orrison on Best in Smoke. I think you guys should've won. Anyway, my question is, do you think mass producing barbecue, like in a restaurant setting, negatively affects the quality as opposed to cooking small batches? And how do you combat this...
  10. Matt H

    Thick cut pork chops

    Just a quick cook from last night. Found some really thick chops at the grocery store. Brined for 10 hours while I was at work and sprinkled with McCormick's Mesquite seasoning. (I tried to use the lighter as a reference to show the thickness since I didn't have a ruler handy) On the grill...
  11. Matt H

    80 year old butt...

    My grandfather turned 80 on Saturday, so I decided what better way to celebrate than with pork. It also gave me a chance to try out my new PartyQ for the first time. I found a 9 pounder for pretty cheap at Wegman's. Injected with Chris Lilly's championship injection, and rubbed with the Mr...
  12. Matt H

    Don't bother resting your meat?

    Interesting read. I'm interested on what you all think. I usually don't rest my steaks, but i'm going to stick with resting my large cuts..
  13. Matt H

    Bourbon Chicken

    Does anyone have a Bourbon Chicken recipe that mirrors the same stuff you get at the Asian place in the mall foodcourt? I've tried a few recipes I've found online, and it just isn't right. I've looked for it on here, but haven't had much luck. Man I love that stuff. I wouldn't be opposed for a...
  14. Matt H

    A bird in a bird in a bird in a bird in a bird in a pig.

    Will someone please make this and report back to me?? :p
  15. Matt H

    Steaming grill brush

    Got a KCBS members only email for a deal on a steaming grill brush. Only $7.50 + free shipping when you use promo code BBQ25. Not sure how well it works, but for $7.50 I figured I'd give it a try...
  16. Matt H

    CBJ Classes

    Howdy all, I'm attending a KCBS CBJ class this Friday and was wondering if anyone knew what I should expect? How long do they usually run? Is there a test? Do I need to bring anything to be prepared? How many people on average will be in the class? I'm excited, I even took off of work for it...
  17. Matt H

    How'd you get into barbecue? *****

    I'm interested to know how everyone got into the hobby, or addiction for some... I used to vacation down in SC with my family when I was younger. My grandfather retired down there and I'd go nearly every summer. My favorite thing to do was to visit any new bbq joint I could find. I can still...
  18. Matt H

    Protecting my patio

    I wasn't sure where to post this question, so I chose here. I wanted to order an oil pan drip tray from Amazon to put under my 18.5 WSM on my wooden deck to protect it from drips and ash and such, but the only steel one I could find is 36 X 25. Seems like it would be just a touch too small to...
  19. Matt H

    Commercial sauces and rubs

    I'm sure a lot of you make your own sauces and rubs. I like to do the same when I can. But for the bbqer on the go, what are your favorite store bought rubs and sauces?
  20. Matt H

    Getting wood in NJ

    I know there are some NJ guys that can help me out. Where do you get your woods? HD and Lowes have been the go to place, but I was wondering if you had a better, perhaps cheaper, source for woods? Maybe mail-order? Thanks!