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  1. Gary S

    Smoked Tilapia on the rack

    got these little guys frozen for $5.00 [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG Pretty easy from here on in.
  2. Gary S

    Update - Mods to the 26.75 OTG

    On Jan 24th13 Don W (Houston) asked for ideas concerning modifications to the 26” kettle. I guess I kind of took over his post with my build. Last night my BIL and I were talking BBQ and cookers so we looked up the original post and were amazed to see it had over 14000 views! I’ve received...
  3. Gary S

    Broil King Baking Stone

    I thought I would post this for those who like the clay saucer, a dry pan or some other heat sink than water. Broil King has come out with a 15" diameter baking stone 3/4" thick. Here in Ontario it's $24.99. It fits perfectly on the water pan tabs. I have not tried it yet but it looks like a...
  4. Gary S

    Chicken & Black Bean Meatloaf

    Here's a method for making some great chicken meatloaf. It's easy, healthy and very tasty. I generally use 15 boneless skinless thighs and a couple of boneless breasts. I emulsify them in my food processor and create from there. This time, fresh garlic, Simon & Garfunkel seasoning blend, Yard...
  5. Gary S

    It's black, it's metal, just not a kettle

    Showing a little skin. I tried a 12 pound turkey in the Keg yesterday, decided to go for HH, vertical roast. The grate temps using the Maverick were 350. The dome temp was 390. I injected the bird with Creole Butter, rubbed with o/o and Montreal Chicken seasoning. I knew the breast would...
  6. Gary S

    I finally broke down, forgive me for I have sinned..sort of..well maybe?

    Many of us know it’s been a long, cold, winter. I started out using my kettle but the heat loss was so great I had to build a hotter fire and that changed the whole cooking dynamic for indirect cooking on the big guy. Next I went to my WSM and put on the winter coat. It worked for some...
  7. Gary S

    Solution of Wobbly Legs on the 26

    A friend of mine sent me this link. It's a great idea. Have a look.
  8. Gary S

    What does this remind you of?

  9. Gary S

    Maverick Rotisserie Thermometer

    Does anyone have any experience with this unit? Thanks
  10. Gary S

    Rotisserie Chicken with Cherry

    I'm sure most here are getting tired of poultry but we celebrate our Thanksgiving in October and I was wanting to spin a couple of chicks on the rotisserie if the weather was suitable. I was not planning on posting this cook so there are no prep pictures but once I lifted the kettle lid I had...
  11. Gary S

    No Strings Attached

    It was a cool night in Central Ontario, 10F and the snow was falling. I wasn't sure if the 26 would start :) I used a tablet of Xtraflame and a small chimney of R/O lump. I poured the chimney over some left over lump from two days ago, gave it a stir and she fired right up. The 26 idled at...
  12. Gary S

    Porketta & Hocks Day

    I wanted to smoke some pork hocks so I bought 6 Friday night and made up 2 gallons of brine. Saturday morning the brine was 35 degrees. The hocks were brined 24 hours, no cure. Here they are Sunday morning drying. [/URL][/IMG] The hocks were looking pretty good after a couple of hours in the...
  13. Gary S

    Pork Hocks

    Probably should have posted this earlier today but I have a dozen of these sitting in two gallons of brine, no cure, since this morning. The brine was salt, brown sugar, garlic, bay leaf, pepper corn and cloves. They're in the fridge at 35 degrees. My plan was 24 hours in the brine & into the...
  14. Gary S

    Easy Beef Ribs

    It's not very often I come across a rack of beef ribs that look like this; with a small amount of trimming and some of Meatheads Big Bad Beef Rub, a couple of hours in the fridge we have them ready for the kettle with a few pieces of Oak for smoke. During the prep the wife invites...
  15. Gary S

    Thanksgiving Day Turkey

    Last Christmas I cooked an 18lb. turkey on my 22" kettle. That inspired me to cook a bigger turkey on a bigger kettle.:) For our Thanksgiving this year I thought I would try a 20lb bird. We cooked it a day early as Sunday was more suitable for the family. It was injected with a mixture of...
  16. Gary S

    Smoke Rack from Denmark

    I came across this on another site and thought it was a great design. Expensive though but there is quite a bit of work to it. Price is approx. $112.00 in dk for the 18.5 and $168.00 for the 22 WSM [/URL][/IMG]
  17. Gary S

    Carne Asada in Canada eh

    Carne Asada drumsticks well maybe just in Canada eh? I know they're meant for thin cuts but decided I wanted to cook up some stuff that's been in the freezer awhile. I've been on my own this week so don't have to make it pretty. Anyway had some extra Nomex and decided to put it on the lid of...
  18. Gary S

    Red Head Performer SS Top

    So what do you guys think?
  19. Gary S

    Rotisserie Forks

    I made up a custom rotisserie ring for my 26" kettle. I'm trying to buy Weber forks for the spit. They are not available.:mad:
  20. Gary S

    Custom Pizza Kettle

    I looked at the Pizza Kettle accessory, for the money I thought I could do better making up my own. I also saw the video of one made for $20.00 but I did not get away that easy. First step was to find an 18” kettle. I wanted it for smaller cooks and appetizers too. I thought it would...