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  1. Bob Correll

    Need deck refinish advice

    Our pressure treated lumber deck is about 22 years old. I've tried to keep it covered with stain over the years, but that isn't going to happen now or in the future. I'm not sure what would be the most durable on older wood. One estimate I got was $1,800 total using Sherman Williams semi-solid...
  2. Bob Correll

    Blame the Food Network..........

    for the rising cost of the 3 Bs.
  3. Bob Correll

    Question about grate height on newer 22" kettles

    I was at Lowes today and lifted the lid on a 22" bronze Premium Weber grill. The main cook grate is recessed more than any I've seen. Are they all like this now, and if so, is the distance cook grate to charcoal grate different? PS, no SmokeFires to be found, only Pit Boss pellet grills.
  4. Bob Correll

    Smashing 73/27

    One pound of 73/27 ground beef divided into fourths, seasoned with Weber Steak & Chop. Cast iron griddle over an inverted vortex with RO Chef's Select. Two at a time, done in a flash. Double cheeseburgers on brioche buns, cheese, pickles, mustard, and organic ketchup all from Aldi except the...
  5. Bob Correll

    One Pork Steak for Two People

    Weighing in at a little over a pound, dry brined for 5 hours, patted dry, seasoned with Mrs Dash Table Blend and garlic powder. Two hours of hickory smoke at around 265°, then direct, flipping often, shooting for 185° the temp ThermoBlog says is the perfect temp for pork steaks. First time...
  6. Bob Correll

    Grandson, Blake, started living his BBQ dream today

    Some of you might remember my grandson and bbq buddy. He was 13 when he joined here and didn't post but a few times, teenage years you know. He's 22 now and has been working and cater grilling for the largest butcher shop in St Louis. Today he branched out on his own. With a kitchen rented at a...
  7. Bob Correll

    Pileated woodpeckers

    Had a pair of Pileated woodpeckers visit yesterday. Shooting with a tele lens, so I couldn't get both in one pic.
  8. Bob Correll

    Blues Hog briquettes, grooves or no grooves

    Chris A, feel free to move this post to another sub forum. There's been a discussion, on one of my cook posts, about the new Blues Hog charcoal from Ace Hardware. Member Michael Richards got a bag with no grooves, Jim Lampe and I both have bags with grooves. Michael really likes it, Jim didn't...
  9. Bob Correll

    Chucks on Joe using Basques

    Picked up a bag of Canadian sugar maple lump, Basques, from a ship to Ace hardware store order. Fired up a small pile on my SJ: Grilled a couple of chuck eye steaks and a Select grade, spent a year in the freezer, short dated, pandemic panic buy, strip steak. Big Idaho baked potatoes...
  10. Bob Correll

    Chaffle McBob for breakfast

    No grilling, just waffling with my $10 Dash mini waffle iron. I'm not on the Keto diet, but some folks that are have been raving about chaffles, or egg and cheese waffles. One large egg beaten and 1/2 cup shredded cheese will make two 4" chaffles. They were good straight up with bacon, but next...
  11. Bob Correll

    Small Shorthorn brisket flat

    Shorthorns are supposed to be a good all around breed for milk and meat. I bought this 4 lb. flat from a producer here in Missouri through their website. I've also purchased and eaten some of their Berkshire pork chops, pork the way it used to taste. My...
  12. Bob Correll

    After the thaw

    Celebrating my first cook in the 2 weeks we had below freezing temps, some below zero. Two pork steaks, sided with frozen corn and air fryer baked potatoes. Good to get back at my grilling addiction.
  13. Bob Correll

    I cannot tell a lie........

    It's 5° here and snowing, on top of the 3" that's been hanging around for a week. Wind is 14 MPH. I'm not proud, but I air fried two baking potatoes and two filet mignons for V-Day dinner. The potatoes were great and the steaks not too shabby. They say we're getting another 6 to 8 inches...
  14. Bob Correll

    Jim's Hot and Fast Grilled BBs using Chef's Select

    Mr Lampe's method works great in all weather, but was extra nice yesterday with the temp in the 30's, windy, and spitting snow. The short slab would have fit well on my 14" WSM, but it still had ashes in it from the last cook and old Bob didn't want to be outside any longer than needed. Jim...
  15. Bob Correll

    St Louis, MO CL Weber Smokefire hickory pellets, 3 bags for $25

    The seller says they have tons of them.
  16. Bob Correll

    The Legend has passed, RIP Mike Mills

    Mike Mills, barbecue legend of 17th Street Barbecue, dies at 79
  17. Bob Correll

    This can only mean one thing

    The old Sunbeam Mixmaster has been brought out of hiding, meaning cookie baking is about to begin. I see warm chocolate chip cookies in my near future!
  18. Bob Correll

    Puffed Caramel Corn

    My wife makes this for the holidays, and it is so addicting! This recipe is the same as hers, but she doesn't add peanuts. I've requested that she does the next time she makes it. Ingredients: 1 (8 ounce) bag corn puffs (such as O-Ke-Doke®) 1 cup salted peanuts (Optional) 1 cup butter 1 cup...
  19. Bob Correll

    Anyone care for a cannibal sandwich?

    Raw ground beef on bread, it's a Cheesehead thing.
  20. Bob Correll

    Beanie Weenies made with aged Kiolbassa sausage

    Our old Montgomery Wards upright freezer was hiding 3 Kiolbassa sausages with a sell by date of July 2019. If this was a self defrost freezer, I would have tossed them, instead I grilled them. Cut one up for some Showboat brand pork & beans for lunch. Still very tasty, even though the...