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  1. Robert W


    Finally got around to loading my pics to PhotoBucket. BBs and homemade potato salad.
  2. Robert W


    Mike, Thanks for taking the time for Q & A. Why doesn't Weber recommend the use of lump? "Remove the lid and center section before lighting the charcoal briquettes. Weber recommends the use of charcoal briquettes (A) with your Weber® Smokey Mountain Cooker™ smoker. Lump charcoal or heat beads...
  3. Robert W

    4 butts -- which rack?

    Getting ready for a 4-butt over-nighter. Going to be using my DigiQ for the first time. I have 2 five pounders and 2 six pounders. Should I put the smaller butts on the bottom or top rack? I will be using an empty foiled pan (no water or clay saucer). Bob W.
  4. Robert W

    DigiQ II - clay base or only foiled pan?

    When using the DigiQ II, do I use a clay flower pot base or just a foiled water pan? Bob W
  5. Robert W

    Pecan Chunks Mold?

    I have a bag of pecan chunks in the garage. I was going to use for my last smoke, but when I took some out of the bag, I noticed most of the pieces were covered in white specks and a white powder substance. I'm thinking it is mold? Has anyone seen this before? Is it mold? If so, I guess...
  6. Robert W

    Fattie temp

    At what internal temp is a fattie done? Bob W.
  7. Robert W

    Butts over Brisket

    I have two butts total weight of 15 lbs (pre-trimmed). I also have a 12 lb brisket. I will be doing the butts over brisket. My plan is to start at 6PM tonight and cook at 220-250 all night. I estimate removing the brisket at about 6-7 AM and the butts at about noon. Does this sound right...
  8. Robert W

    Butts over Brisket

    I know this is a question that has been answered many times, but after reading all the previous posts, I still need some clarification. I am doing 2 butts over 1 whole brisket for the superbowl and don't want to screw it up. My plan is to start them all at the same time and maintain 220-250...