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    Another HM story

    I was at the post office waiting of course and I over heard a clerk and a customer talking about always burning their meat and the customer started talking about this thing his brother did with soldering and a Rhaspberry Pi. I was like I know what that is then I engaged in convo with them but...
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    4.2 PCBs for sale

    I ordered a small allotment of PCBs from China and I have several left. I ordered a small allotment from china because I am building several hm for friends and family and then I was going to put about 10 kits together to sell. However some information came to me and I will no longer be...
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    Free 4.1.4 PCB

    I am giving away one 4.1.4 PCB free (I will even provide shipping) Be the first person to reply to get it Why am I giving it away? Because I can and I hope anyone on the fence about building a HeaterMeter this will help them make the jump to do it.
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    4.1 pcb No longer for sale.
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    Wireless Probe Suggestions

    I think i am going to try and do a HM with the wireless probe option. Does any one have any experience with going wireless? If so what transmitter would you suggest?