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    Take a peek at my rain resistant box.

    My overnight/rainy day outdoor HeaterMeter setup is complete. I can finally sleep with my HM running overnight and not worry about the elements.
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    Probably been asked before but here it is with more data to represent my case. Best place to put probe?

    I started a 6.5 LB brisket last night in my WSM 18 using my heatermeter. I've been running the HM at 225 with the probe to the outside rim of the grate close to the brisket. I'm at 12 hours and something tells me 225 is not 225. I'm going to bump up my temps to finish this brisket and call it a...
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    Running a HM on my 18" WSM with Hunsaker Vortex. I'm guessing I have lower barrel leaks based on the graph.

    Still runs like a champ and maintains temps. An hour without assistance from the fan is an indication of a leak tho but it's fine with me. :)
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    3d printed BBQ guru smooth adapter is not fitting snug.

    Have two smooth adapters for my Weber BBQ guru adapter and one slips right off and the other one stays on just by a miracle. What are you guys using to get I tighter grip on the BBQ guru adapter?
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    Any way to turn off the servo and only use fan?

    I'm reading that running a fan only is a better option for the WSM. Apparently the damper makes the temp control harder to manage on the WSM. Read the servo config page for the HM and it's not clear if that's an option. Any help on this is greatly appreciated. :)
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    Ideal BBQ Smoker size for Heater w/default fan configuration?

    I currently use my HM with my PK Grill and my cooks are fantastic. I'm thinking about getting a larger smoker and need a few suggestions or my next buy. Any suggestions?