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    Weber Cedar Plank

    Any of you grilled some salmon Steaks on this plank? How many times can the plank be used again? Need to Pre-soak?
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    Another Different Costa Rica Lunch

    Some very Tasty Chicken Wings on my Weber Performer Deluxe using the Napoleon Rotisserie Basket and Cajun Bandit Rotisserie Kit. The Wings Spun at 350F for around 1 1/4 Hours and clean-up was a breeze as I soaked the Basket in "Joy" Dish Detergent overnight.
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    Napoleon 64000 Rotisserie Basket

    Will this Basket work on a 22" Weber Charcoal Kettle fitted with a Cajun Bandit Rotisserie Kit and will the 5/16" Square Rotisserie Rod fit-through the Basket's hole?
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    I have some mild Rust on the inside of my WSM 18" Classic(Middle Chamber and Lid); so, what do you guys use in removing some Rust?
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    Ash Bowl Removal

    I bought my Weber Performer Deluxe New in January, 2020 and now having a tough-time in removing the bowl that holds the charcoal ashes from the SS Ring. I am now having to do a very hard squeeze on the Handle 3 or 4 times including a hard shake or two in order to release the bowl from that...
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    Empty Propane Gas Assist Canister

    How do you dispose of the empty SMALL propane canisters which I use on my Weber Performer Deluxe?
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    Weber Mastertouch Premium Kettle

    In the USA; did Weber Discontinue Selling this 22" Kettle which has the Lid Hinge? I do not see it listed on the Weber Website.
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    One Grill.Com Spit Rod

    Last year I purchased a Cajun Bandit Rotisserie Kit that is fitted with a crome plated 5/16" Square Spit Rod in which the Cajun Bandit Folks purchase from OneGrill.Com. I am now wanting to purchase a Stainless Steel Spit rod, however, none produced at 5/16" size; So, they do have a 1/2"...
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    Weber Q Electric

    Will appreciate your comments on a New Electric WeberQ 2400 equipped with the large Weber Stand which costs five-hundred($500) dollars here in Costa Rica.
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    SlowNSear Charcoal Basket for the 18"

    I want to step-up my WSM 18" "Classic" for grilling; so will the SNS Charcoal Basket fit my WSM?
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    "One Grill" 32"x 1/2" Hexagon Stainless Steel(SS) Spit Rod

    I am presently using a One Grill 32"x 5/16" Crome Spit Rod that came with Cajun Bandit(CB) Rotisserie Kit for my Weber Performer Deluxe. I am wanting to upgrade to the above titled One-Piece SS Spit Rod but there are no SS 32" X 5/16" manufactured by One Grill; so, I am wanting to go to the...
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    Corn Size Make a Difference

    My Doctor recommended that I cut-back a little-bit on my BBQ Eating; so, If I cut a 3-4" Corn Cob in half wrapped in Aluminum foil before placing it on the grill will it be ready to eat in the same amount time as a not-cut 3-4" Corn Cob?? Also, will this be the same when grilling other types of...
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    Burger with Grilled Tomato and Potatoes

    Wife was away, so, Yesterday's Lunch using my Weber Smoky Joe fitted with custom Grill Grates! My pup "Manchas" really liked a piece of the burger without the cheese and BBQ Sauce.
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    Rotisserie Newbie

    This Sunday I am planning for the first time to use my Cajun Bandit Rotisserie on top of my Weber Performer Deluxe(WPD). I will be roasting a four(4) pound Brined Whole Chicken and will appreciate any advice on using my new Weber Tool. My tentative plan of Action: 1. Brine the Chicken...
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    Another Costa Rica Lunch

    Today's Roast Salmon from Chile, Roast Corn-On-The-Cob and Roast Costa Rican "Queso" does not get better than this on my Weber Performer Deluxe fitted with a SlowNSear(SNS) Easy Spin Grate, SlowNSear Plus, SNS DripNGriddle and Grillgrates:D
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    OneGrill.Com Customer Service

    A few weeks ago I placed an order for a One Grill Electric Rotisserie Motor Via Amazon.Com which was damaged in shipment. I then sent a direct Email message to One Grill with a couple of photos showing the damaged Motor. I received a quick response from Brian of their Customer Service...
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    WSM Options

    Need to get more use out of my WSM 18" "Classic" that I bought new in the year 2008. Not too interested now in doing long drawn-out smoke sessions but using it more to accompany my Weber Performer Deluxe(WPD) when added grilling space is needed. So, looking to add a Cajun Bandit Rotisserie...
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    I want to set-up my WSM 18" "Classic" for Grilling when I light-up my Cajun Bandit Rotisserie in order to cook-up some "sides". So, I am thinking I want to add the SlowNSear 18" Charcoal Basket but will it fit inside the WSM 18" Charcoal Ring??
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    I have a hardly used 2 year old InstantPot that I would like to incorporate into my BBQ/Grilling Sessions. So, will appreciate hearing your experiences on using the Instantpot as a BBQ Accessory??
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    Gas Grill Negative

    First of all; I have never owned or operated a Gas Grill as I am a long-term Charcoal Grill user. In my BBQ Arsenal I have a Weber Performer Deluxe, 2008 WSM 18" Classic and a Weber Smoky Joe 14". I have never had a problem in the cleaning or maintenance of any of these grills over the last...