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    Love When Things Go Wrong

    Posted earlier about a half spatch cocked bird I ended up buying. No problem. I have always recommended (and still do) a construction water cooler to use for brining. Well, haven't used mine in a few years and when I went to fill up, the cup fill drain leaked all over. Upon examination the...
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    Shouldn't Be A Problem, but

    Not worried about it Jim. I was glad to help her out. Just my wife and me this year due to you know what. Hey Jim, you still wanting a Ranch? Like to get rid of mine cheap. I'm up in Wis Rapids.
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    Shouldn't Be A Problem, but

    Ordered fresh 8 - 9 pounder from local butcher. Got a call yesterday that her order from the supplier shorted her over 20 fresh turkeys, including mine. She offered and I accepted that she would cut a 22 pounder in half. I did negotiate to get all of the giblets. My original intention was to...
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    Ranch For Sale

    Located here in central Wisconsin. Used but in great shape. Contact me and we can negotiate a great price. Really need to find it a new home. I have too many Webers already and just have no need for the Ranch.
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    Kuddos to Weber

    Got my handles. Lid now looks like new. As I stated I am in Central Wisconsin. If anyone interested in purchasing (we can negotiate a price) message me or post here.
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    Poor Man's Burnt Ends

    Any one done this? Came across the recipe the other day using a pot roast rather than doing the whole packer. Really turned out good. Maybe not quite as good as using the point, but really good. Just do a search on (I use Duck Duck Go) for the recipe - poor man's burnt ends. I used the one...
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    Kuddos to Weber

    Need new handles for my Ranch (squirrels chew the heck out of them). Contacted Weber and they gave me a part number. Looked up on the Weber site - out of stock (price would have been $9 each). Contacted them about this and they got back to saying "try Amazon or Wal Mart". Tried Amazon and...
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    Blues Hog Lump Charcoal

    Haven't posted in a long time but still smokin'. My Ace Hardware is now stocking Blues Hog lump. If it has Bill Arnold's name on it must be good?
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    Looking for a Grilled Salmon Appetizer

    Thanks Tim, but cold smoking is out. Done that before but this is for tomorrow evening. Decided change of plans and will use moink balls for the app but skewer alternating pieces of pineapple and salmon on the grill as part of the main course. Thanks again.
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    Looking for a Grilled Salmon Appetizer

    Have looked at every appetizer and fish thread and couldn't find what I am looking for. Not looking for a dip recipe which I have done before. Thought maybe a bacon wrapped piece of salmon grilled in my fish grill pan. Any other ideas? Main course probably siracha wings with winter squash...
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    Willysito's Burrito's

    Thanks for the inspiration. Did these last night and they were a great hit. Dan
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    Man Cave

    Sent to you from my cell (W/O a message header). Hope it works.
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    Man Cave

    If you would PM me your e-mail I can send you some pictures of my BBQ shack. It sorta fits the description of what you are looking for. Dan
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    School me on Royal Oak lump

    The last few bags I have used the pieces are rather small. Maybe the size of a quarter. Almost looks like Cowboy. I prefer larger chuncks. Hopefully just a bad run from the plant.
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    Home Depot Spring Black Friday Sale

    Heading to HD as soon as the rain lets up a little. Same deal here in Wisconsin. Sale supposed to last thru Sunday. Down to my last two bags.
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    Cold Smoke Set up for WSM22?

    I do bacon several times a year and always smoke between 175º and 200º. As to jerky I would never use water in the pan as you want to dry out the meat. And with my 22 I can maintain 160º for jerky with no problem using maybe a third full ring unlit and only adding a few lit coals off to one...
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    So, how many pounds of charcoal do you have right now?

    380 lbs plus about 60 lbs of RO lump. Will probably run out by the end of January.
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    Best website to order rubs and sauces

    Been buying from Hawgeyes in Iowa for many years.
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    Anyone ever seen a brisket stall in the 140*s? [Pastrami actually]

    Yes. Last week did a 3# corn beef flat that I was making into pastrami. Stayed at 150º for over three hours before I ended up wrapping in foil. After 7 hours(time for supper) it was just 180º and not even close to fork tender. Still tasted good though.
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    Shucked Oyster in Liquor Help

    I know, not grilled - but oyster stew.