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    Pellet tube for hot and fast cook?

    One thing I am missing from my smokefire compared to my weber performer charcoal is the smoke flavor I could get from the performer. When cooking something hot and fast (chicken breasts) on the performer I would throw a wood chip/chunk right onto the hot charcoal to get some good smoke flavor to...
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    100% Wood pellets vs blend

    Are there any negatives to using a 100% wood pellet (lumberjack hickory) vs a blended (Lumberjack hickory blend 60% red oak, 40% hickory)? Why would you choose one over the other? I do a good amount of hot and fast grilling for mid-week cooks, long smokes on the weekend. I have read the 100%...
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    How do you grill on a pellet grill?

    This may seem like a dumb question to most, but here we go. I have been a charcoal griller for the last 20 years or so, so that’s what I know. Unless I am doing longer cooks (whole chicken) I never looked at the thermometer. Hot and fast weekday cooks I would just light the charcoal chimney...
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    First smoke on the Smokefire, my thoughts

    Cooked some baby backs last night over a 50/50 blend of cherry/hickory. Smoke smelled great, nice thin blue smoke. I ran the grill @265f and it fluctuated +/- 10-20f from the set temperature as measured by my Inkbird thermometer. Ribs came out great using a 3/1.5/.5 method, but I felt the...
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    Favorite Pellet flavor?

    Not brand, but flavor of pellets? Whenever I used wood chips/chunks I could always smell a difference, but not really taste much of a difference in the end. Unless it was mesquite, which I don't particularly like, they all tasted very similar. I would assume pellets are similar.
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    Planning my first cook this weekend, ribs. Smokeboost or no?

    Just looking for a first smooth cook. Shall I forgo the smokeboost and just cook regular? I am reading the smokeboost is causing errors right now.
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    Drip pans, what do you use and where/when?

    Is it only necessary to use a drip pan for a pork butt/brisket? What about ribs? How about a chuckie? Also, do you guys put the meat on the top shelf, and the drip pan on the bottom or do you put the drip pan on the flavorizer bars and put the meat on the bottom rack? Do you have any favorite...
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    Best way to clean exterior of a kettle?

    I'm looking to sell a WSM and a Performer, but I want to spruce them up a bit. Not terribly concerned with the interior (especially on the WSM) but more the exterior enamel. Would be nice if it looked pretty good.
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    Wife wanted to get me a smokefire for my birthday, and then saw the reviews...

    and promptly stopped short of buying it. Since them I have researched a ton of pellet grills, but I was initially dead set on getting the weber. To me it looks like the main contenders would be: Camp Chef Woodwind - because it has the slide and sear Louisiana 800 Black - same thing a slide and...
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    Anyone use a wok?

    Looking to try a wok on my performer. I have the gourmet grate system so it has a hole in the middle. Seems like I could put the baskets under the hole and put the wok in the hole and get it nice and hot.
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    Now that the Smokefire is out...

    Is it really a do-all grill/smoker? Can i replace my performer & WSM with the smokefire and be perfectly happy, or is it not really a grill replacement? My BIL has a pellet grill that has a heat diffuser that you slide over to use it as a grill. He said he is never going back to propane...
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    No more lump charcoal around me?? Now what?

    It appears I can only get 1 type of lump charcoal around me now and that is the Kamado Joe Big block (20lbs @ $25) which IMO is pricey. This really blows. Before I would use cowboy or royal oak. The 2 home depots & all 4 or 5 Walmarts had Royal Oak in stock. All 3 Lowes would have the Cowboy...
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    Auber Instruments Temperature controller

    I have a Auber Instruments Temperature controller for sale. I am asking $100. I don't use it much and I have switched to a battery powered one. I will add pictures if needed Probe Option TC-K6A for 900 °F...
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    Automatic temperature controller on a weber kettle. Who has done it and how are the results?

    i have a party Q for my WSM, and have debated if it would work just as well on a kettle. it is absolutely rock solid on my WSM. it would be nice to actually do a full rack of ribs, vs cutting them up.
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    Favorite Jalapeno Poppers Recipe?

    Not sure if this should be barbecuing or grilling....Regardless, I want to try some poppers. Anyone have a got to recipe that never fails? thanks
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    Turn off avatars

    Is there a way to turn them off? i cant seem to find it liking the new software so far
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    Is the Weber Summit Charcoal a flop?

    I have no doubt that it is a fantastic grilling machine, but I have never even seen one in real life. Around my grilling circle of friends no one talks about it. On the internet no one talks about it. There was a little buzz when it came out but all is silent now. I see and hear of plenty of...
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    Absolute favorite pork butt recipe?

    I’ve got a craven to smoke some pork butt, it’s been a while. What’s y’alls go to, favorite recipe? Inject or no inject (I never have in the past)? Homemade rub or store bought? 24hr dry brine with the rub or throw that bad boy on? 225f or 300f (I usually do 250-275 or so, but don’t sweat...
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    Buying a pellet grill to replace a Performer and a WSM with a ATC?

    The only way I feel I could justify a pellet grill is if I replace my 2 charcoal grills with 1 grill. I have a performer and a 14in WSM with PartyQ temperature controller. I grill 5 days a week, and smoke once a month maybe. For me I need the pellet grill to perform as good as my performer...
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    Looking for more receipes

    I have most of the Jaimie Purveyance books and they have been great. Looking for more cookbooks with easy to follow receipes edit: looking for grilling books (high heat, quick dinner), not BBQ books (low and slow) thanks!