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    Mavrick 73 or similar-free to a good home

    Maverick remote trans./receiver-a few years old. Needs grill temp probe/has food probe. I never use it and would love to give it away. I'll pay for FedEx. Les Stubby
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    Grilled Scallops

    I'm grilling scallops tomorrow night for my mother (93 and going strong) and my wife (age not specified, but somewhat younger). Is there a way to temp a scallop with my thermopen or do I need to rely strictly on sight and touch? Any advise would be appreciated. As always, thanks for your...
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    Kroger Lump

    As long as we're talking charcoal, has any tried Kroger lump. I'm in the middle of a bag and it seems comparable to the Royal Oak I've been using for years. Would love to hear what you all think. Les Stubby
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    Beef Tenderloin Rub

    In a recent post I indicated that I was grilling a tenderloin for Christmas and wasn't going to use a rub. After reading various posts, I think I will try a rub, and could use some suggestions. I'll post the results in the photo section if things don't get too hectic. Les Stubby
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    Country Ribs-rescued

    Was a beautiful fall day so I thought I'd do a little smoking. Tossed some country ribs on and left them on for a couple of hours. They were up to temp, but tough as a cob. I took them off, foiled them with sauce and apple juice and put in the oven for an hour or so. I thought the cook was...
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    Thermapen service

    While grilling some lamb chops last night for my mother's 92nd birthday (they were from Sam's and very good)I noticed a crack in my Thermapen, which I have only owned two or three months. Needless to say I wasn't real happy. I emailed the president of the company this morning at 8 am and...
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    A friend has a source(cabinetmaker) who can supply us with mahogany. Can it be used in a smoker? Thanks as always for your input. Les Stubby
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    Tilting lid versus door mod

    I'm cooking s spatch chicken as I write and am trying to get as much temp out of the smoker as I can without using too much charcoal. I've always tilted the lid when trying to get more heat out of my weber grill and this seems to work well with my WSM. Is this just as effective as making a mod...
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    Tough Ribs (again)

    Decided to try my hand at spares again. Fired up the WSM before noon, foiled the water pan with clay saucer beneath and hooked up the maverick to monitor the cooker temperature. I sprinkled the ribs and put them on a bit after noon and kept them on for 6 and one half hours checking at the 4...
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    Spatchcocked Capon

    A butcher we deal with suggested a capon instead a small turkey as there will be only 3 at our table for Thanksgiving (our kids our just too far away to justify the trip). I had the butcher spatchcock the bird. I plan on taking out the clay pot and water pan from my wsm and cooking the bird...
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    Buffalo Brisket

    A good friend just received some buffalo, and also just purchased a smoker. He has one or two buffalo briskets and wonders if they're any special tricks to smoking them. They are only 3 or 4 pounds each and very lean. I would think high temp with foil would be the way to go, but my brisket...
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    Yesterdays Ribs

    Was a beautiful day yesterday. 65 and sunny, and the Tarheels had won the night before. so I thought I'd celebrate with some spareribs. I had foiled the last spares to be sure they were tender, but thought I'd try these without foil. I cooked them for about 5 hours at 225 to 250. and ran out...
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    Big Butt

    Can I cut a nine pound butt in half and freeze half for another day? Or should I cook the hole thng and freeze it after it's pulled? Or does it make any difference? Les Stubby
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    Reheating Pulled Pork

    Am at the beach with extended family and want to reheat 2 pork butts which I pulled last week. How long can I reheat the pork and how can I make it more moist or help it hold its moisture. Have about 6 hours before dinner. les stubby
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    Another Pulled Pork Question

    What happens when one doesn't let a pork butt sit before pulling it. Last night I was pressed for time and had to pull the pork about one half an hour after cooking. It seemed tough. Just wondering if it was overcooked or I pulled it to early? Les Stubby
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    Boston Butt high heat

    I'm precookiing a couple of butts to take to the South Carolina shore next week for my mother's 90th birthday and family reunion. The last one I did at around 275 and it turned out perfectly. Is foiling necessary-can't remember if I foiled the last one or not? Thanks again for everyone's...
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    Timing Question on Boston Butt

    Was planning on having pulled pork for guests on Saturday with my wife making homemade buns. Unfortunately, we're expecting rain off and on Friday and Saturday and I don't have a covered spot for my wsm. A couple of questions; If I can find a window of dry weather and smoke the butt for a...
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    Tough Ribs

    I've tried all sorts of methods cooking ribs and am still not satisfied so yesterday i thought I'd use the 3 2 1 method to assure that the ribs wouuld be fall of the bone. The ribs were regular, not baby backs. i removed the membrane and added rub and cooked on the WSM for three hours at 240...
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    Sparerib question

    For tomorrow's cook ( it's supposed to appproach 60 degrees) I'm planning on using the 3-2-1 method-I've never foiled before and thought I'd give it s shot. If I'm adding some pineapple juice to the foiled ribs, do i use the same juice for spritzing in the three hour part of the cook? Thanks...
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    Cherry Wood

    We have an abundance of wild cherry in this part of the country-it's different than the cherry producing trees. Is it suitable for smoking? Les Stubby