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    How to use AP mode

    Trying to set up a New Heatermeter in AP mode. Setting up for use at campsite with no WIFI. Does the AP mode make the heatermeter to broadcast an SSID and be connected to just like it was on the home wifi. I have been looking for a thread the explains how to set it up for AP aand how to use AP...
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    New BSK Broil King Keg,

    Building new HM for a friend for christmas. How did you connect your blower to the new round inlet. See they sell an adapter but it cost way too much. If someone is using this adapter can you measure diameater and depth. What is the...
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    Heatermeter v 4.2 food probes quit working

    HM has been working great for about a year, last night all food probes suddenly quit working, Any ideas on where to start looking for problem they were working unplugged and cleaned them, I did not get wiring wet plugged back in and none of them work. got out my new backup probes and none of...
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    Curing pork belly some areas still red

    Made bacon about 10 times now. Cut each belly in three pieces, then rub with Morton TQ, 1/2 ounce per pound, each piece at about three pounds, so 3 ounces each, placed in ziplocks and massaged and rotated everyday. Seven days of curing. Pulled and rinsed today and found the belly did not firm...
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    Bryan amazon link

    Bryan, I lost my shortcut for your Amazon link, that pays you when we buy stuff on Amazon. I want continue helping you out a little, with your expenses of the new Heatermeters designs
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    How do I get the webpage icon or heatermeter icon to use as shortcut on my tablet and phone
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    How many racks of baby back will fit on WSM 18

    Buddy just got an WSM 18 I found on craigslist for 100 bucks, We are going to do rib next weekend not sure how many racks of ribs we can get in it,
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    Low Cost Food Thermocouple

    Thought I would get away from the failing food probes and use thermocouple for food probes. Have TC board and parts ordered. I started looking for TC probes for insertion into the food, found them to be very expensive, does anyone know where to get cheap food TC probes, all the cheap ones have...
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    TC AMP board for 3 probes

    Has anyone found a TC amp board or designed an add on board to add three more tc probes to the HM? Tired of the food probes failing on me. Dale
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    Heatermeter Registration

    I have 3 Heatermeters all of them on the web but only one of them shows on the heatermeter device page. Is there a trick to get more than one to show? to of them are the latest the other is the 4.1 all running latest software.
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    Seperate line on home page graph for fan or servo?

    Wondering is it is possible to have two separate lines on the home page to see both the blower and servo output, maybe with the servo showing 0 to 100 speed and a red line showing the limit speed set point ?
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    Servo always buzzing

    Since last software update I have noticed on all three of my HM that the servo always make a buzzing sound. Is this going to shorten the life of my servo. I Keep my HM powered up all the time.
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    RF12 wirless and new latest software

    Bryan, I have been monitoring my outside temp with the La Crosse I worked until I upgraded to the latest software. Is it still Supported?
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    Best source for Probes

    Who knows the best place to get the standard probes for a good price.
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    Check sum error

    HeaterMeter Information Version 20131007B Serial checksum errors: 1 What does this mean? how about a sticky on updating the HeaterMeter and Raspi software . Thanks, Dale
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    4.1.2 boards

    Anyone ordered a set of three and want to sell one???
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    more powerful servo

    Can I put a larger more more powerful servo on mine, did two smokes over the week end second smoke went bad two hours in the servo closed the dampener and it stuck fire when out. I forgot to turn on pit droid, I have messaging quite at night, did not here mms messages. Can I go larger servo...
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    Mixing temp probe brands may cause troubles.

    I saw in the preset that the probe from Ikea was listed. with the low price a bought 4 of them for back up probes. I plugged one Ikea probe into my heatermeter and change the preset. It read fine but then I got some strange reading , dont remember the reading was. I found out its wire outer...
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    How many Heatermeter/Raspi built so far

    Please post if you have built one. Im interested to know how many of us there are using this great creation THANKS BRYAN for all your hard work. UPDATE 4-6-13, looks to be about 54 built so far counting ones built, and the projected to be built and the 10 of Bryans Update as of 11-21-16...
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    How are the LEDs configured and can their function be changed or modified by alarm scrips?