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    My way of making bacon

    Okay for my bellies I use Maple Sugar Sugar Cure from and their Pink Salt. Whatever their recipe/formula calls, I use 25% more. I cure for up to six weeks and then apply a rinse and dry thoroughly. If I'm in the mood I'll then season with black pepper and maple sugar and then...
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    A what point is cracked black pepper...

    At what point is cracked black pepper added to the pork belly? During the cure, during pellicle formation, after the cure before smoking??? When?
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    My first time making sausage

    I ordered a 10# boston to be ground by my local butcher. I used the Brown Sugar Maple seasoning from the Sausage Maker. In mixing, I placed an 8 qt stainless bowl into a 13 qt bowl with ice in order to keep the mixture cold. The 8 qt bowl allowed me to mix only about 4# at a time with an...
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    Bacon, breed, and off-smell

    Awhile back I posted here (I think) about having cured and smoked bacon for over four years and I was compelled to discard 2/3rds of a cured and smoked belly due to odors that were "off". Well, a vendor nearby (in south Georgia) explained to me that that belly may have come from an uncut hog, a...
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    Burnoff for the 18" WSM

    I plan to do the burn as instructed here: With the water pan removed, would it be alright to leave the grates inside during the procedure so that the heat can help to clean them off? Would the intense heat from the burn off accelerate their...
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    Nutribullet - another use for it

    Besides making great smoothies from fruits, veggies, nuts and juices, the N'bullet comes with a set of blades used for milling spices. Those blades certainly do a great job on cracking black peppercorns as well as fennel seeds.
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    Stacker for WSM

    Has anyone tried using this add-on for their WSM?
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    Lodge Cast Iron Hibachi/Sportsman's Grill

    Anyone have any experience with the Lodge Hibachi/Sportsman's Grill???
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    Yield on bacon

    I don't own a scale large enough to weigh pork bellies and the resulting bacon and I was wondering if any of you bacon produces have measured the yield, the before smoking and after smoking weights of the bellies . What's your yield?
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    18" WSM Question

    I use my 18 incher for strictly making bacon and jerky and so it's smoking temperature never goes about 150F or so, occasionally it'll rise to around 175F. But at the level of the water pan and lower grill I'm noticing a thick, black build-up of whatever on the vertical wall of the center...
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    Jerky: smoking and smoke wood

    Yesterday I smoked 3.5# of bottom round seasoned for jerky and using approximately one fist-sized piece of apple wood that was ax-split into finger sized pieces and also a couple of finger-sized pieces of hickory. The apple wood was for "dryness" and the hickory for a little bit of bitter bite...
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    Two cuts of beef for jerky

    Maybe I'll answer my own question in this thread. Two cuts of beef for jerky: Bottom Round - chewy when jerked. An occasional shiny spot where occasional fat once resided. Rump Roast - an extension of the bottom round and very well marbled. Results in an easier chew but also can be very...
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    The Skirt

    As shown here, the skirt is where the ribs angulate off to the side. Therefore I assume that the "skirt" is actually (consists of) the abdominal muscles and I spent a whole year dissecting human cadavers.
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    Apple, birch, or white oak to smoke bacon

    I'm thinking of doing my next batch using one of those light smoke woods listed above. Should I use way more of that smoke wood than hickory?
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    A Maze N Pellet Smoker

    Has anyone used one of these in their WSM as I'd like to hear about it. It appears to be THE gizmo for cold smoking in the WSM.
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    Jerky Seasoning - a short evaluation on one

    Up to recently I'd always purchase my jerky seasoning, Hi Mountain Inferno Blend, from a certain vendor who will remain anonymous. Not being hot enough for me, I always added some cayenne to the blend. My last purchase for the Inferno blend was from the manufacturer itself, Hi Mountain...
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    Mandolin recommendation

    I recommend the Benriner Mandolin. It comes in three sizes: small, super (or wide-body or large) and jumbo. I recommend getting at least the super size (or wide-body or large). It'll slice thru a whole cucumber in less than thirty seconds yielding slices that are 1mm thin. Slice thickness is...
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    Slicing knife

    I recently purchased an older slicing knife made by Sabatier whose overall shape and blade resembles this modern one. Using it for the first time to slice thru very cold and firm bottom round beef to get jerky slices, I found it to be heaven. The slices were 1/8 th inch thick and the blade...
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    German bacon for you bacon heads

    :cool: Enjoy!