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    HeaterMeter wireless discussion

    I have built a couple of v4.1.4 HMs. One of them is for my personal use at home, and it works great. However, I have several friends clamoring to use my "spare" HM. I don't want to go over to their house, and go through the process of connecting the HM to their wireless network... and so on...
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    Care of 3d printed cases

    I just received a couple of great cases for my v4.1.4 HM. (Thanks Tom!) What is the melting point of this plastic? When using the HM around a heat source, should I be worried about melting the case? (Just incase I use my HM around something hot... like... oh, I don't know... maybe a grill or...
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    Looking for advice on using HM with solid state relay

    Since I have an electric smoker, I will need to use the HM with a solid state relay (SSR). I have used SSRs on other projects. So I know the basics. However, I am worried about the variable rate fan output causing some unexpected results (when connected to a SSR). Are there HM config setting...
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    Hello from San Antonio, TX

    Greetings, I have Bradley Original Smoker, and I have enjoyed it immensely! I am also an electronics and software hobbyist. So, I will be watching the HeaterMeter project closely. I already have several rPi projects under my belt. So, this project is right up my alley. mw