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    First Place Pork! State of Conn Thanks KKruger

    Thank you for holding my hand and tweaking my recipe to creating first place in my State, This man knows what he is talking about! I still say he needs to write a book!
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    KKruger,Blues Hog Clone

    Any chance you could develop on for us? While your at it the Blues Hog Rub too. There seems to be a predominate spice in both that I can't pinpoint! And Thanks in advance!
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    Just bought the book!

    Can't wait to read! It's going to be a long winter so I thought that I would try something new, along with hounding Kevin K. on somethings I need to fine tune
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    Replacement Knobs for WSM door

    Does anyone Know if these are available? Part #? Thanks.
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    New Ranch Cover!!!

    After going around and around with weber for defective Ranch Cover thickness and dissatifaction I just received a New lid and it seems to be substantially heavier and thicker than the original! This was a no cost replacement and I am extremely HAPPY with the customer service.
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    Wicked Good Charcoal

    Has anybody had any exp. with this brand and is Briq. any better than lump? I was thinking of using it in my Stumps as well, thats why i'm leaning toward briq's.
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    weber ranch

    Mike, I have many weber's including the Ranch. I like the size, although I added a 10" collar for it. What I don't like is the inferior thickness of the lid. The lid wants to twist because of its thickness and the finish has never been right since day one. Any thoughts? I expressed my...
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    Any Mods Yet

    Has anyone made any Mod's to their New 22 WSM Yet? Got some time on my hands and would like any input.