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    Micah's Country Eggs

    Of course!
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    Micah's Country Eggs

    Make me number three. I also remember Jack Benny on the radio. Les
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    Switching to Lump...

    I love Humphrey's. It does have some huge pieces and to which I take a chisel. It has very little ash, and I use it primarily when I grill. Weber briquettes are my go to for smoking. Les
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    Pacific Rim Marinade

    Joan Tried your recipe last night on a chicken half. Very tasty and a keeper. I should have taken pics but it was another 9:00 dinner. Thanks for the post. Les
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    Pacific Rim Marinade

    I was hoping that would be your answer. Just bought a pork loin at Aldi and cut in to chops. With daylight saving arriving Saturday night I'll be doing a lot more grilling. I'll certainly let you know how things turn out.
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    Pacific Rim Marinade

    Joan Love this recipe. I have a question; when you grill after marinating pork chops, etc., do you use the marinade to mop or depose of it? I just bought all the ingredients; can't wait to try it. Les
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    Mother’s Day Dinner

    Rich Glad to hear the good news about Barb. As I told you my wife is a two time survivor and has been cancer free and very healthy for many years. Continued best wishes. Les Stubby
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    Update on Barb

    Rich I've meant to post upon hearing of your situation, and am finally doing so. My wife was first diagnosed in 1993 and had a lump removed and had treatments, I can't remember whether chemo or radiation. Her cancer returned in 2000 in the same spot and she had a mastectomy (sp?) and treatments...
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    Most Popular Turkey Rub?

    Charles Haven't posted in a while. Paul Prudhomme's Poultry Magic is awfully good on fowl. The recipe is easy to find online. Give it a try. Les
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    Mavrick 73 or similar-free to a good home

    Benji How so I check for PM's? I'm an old computer illiterate. View the forum daily, but haven't posted for a while. Did cook some Wolfe orange marmalade party wings last night. Killer. Les
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    Mavrick 73 or similar-free to a good home

    Maverick remote trans./receiver-a few years old. Needs grill temp probe/has food probe. I never use it and would love to give it away. I'll pay for FedEx. Les Stubby
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    Kettle pizza oven ?

    Robert I had to read through your post to be sure I hadn't posted earlier. I use an identical setup. Have been messing around with premade dough and still ironing out the kinks as far as timimg. Regardless, the end product has been great. Les Stubby
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    Your most powerful grilling memories

    My greatest memories were grilling with my father, my idol, who would be 97 if he were still with us. His idea of grilling was to cook everything really well done, sometimes beyond recognition. And to control the fire, pre weber, he had a spritz bottle of water. Not very sophisticated, but...
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    Does anyone have one of these??

    I use the same exact method as Robert McGee. . Two fire brick and a pizza stone. Must be a southern Ohio thing. 2nd try last night on the grill and it worked like a champ. I don't know what my temps were, but used a whole starter of charcoal and the ol' weber was pumping out some serious heat...
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    Ciabatta buns are awfully good, if you like chewy. Also great for pulled pork as the bread absorbs some of the excess juices. Also like Kaiser rolls. Les Stubby
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    Lodge Grill Pan

    Corey I as well have a number of old Griswolds and Wagners and older Lodges, but prefer my newer 10" Lodge which has the textured finish. I just don't see that the texture affects its cooking ability. Maybe I'm missing something. But then again I'm not much of a cook. Les
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    P Chops

    A Moe I know this is too late, but I used Sriracha sauce mixture last night on my chops. Really excellent on chicken and pork. You'll find a bunch of posts about it in this site. Les
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    8 pound pork issue going on now

    Yianni If it comes off to early to store it in the cooler, pull it and throw it in the fridge and reheat with a bit of apple juice before your guests arrive. It will be fine. Les Stubby
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    Turket breast

    Davidd It's a piece of cake-Just watch the grill temp and and maybe turn the turkey a couple of times so that the side closest to the heat doesn't burn. I usually put it directly on the hot side at the end to crisp it a bit. You,ll love the results. If you want a rub Paul Prudholme's (sp?)...
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    Here's the problem...

    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by Les Stubby: Jamie Obviously I didn't read the fast cook section so the methods I suggested differ. The higher the temp and longer the meat is foiled...