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    How to use AP mode

    Downloaded the file for the 10th time and some reason it works now. I don't know same way been doing it the same for days
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    How to use AP mode

    I will try again. I can get the 3b+ to client mode no problem. if I down load the ap mode from dl site It shows ip address but no broadcast of ssid. The zero does fine. Very frustrated at this point.
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    How to use AP mode

    12 minutes ago Add bookmark #3 Brian, Got it working but only on zero+ can not get to work on 3b+ tried three different 3B+. need on 3b+ so He can use the usb to change config from homenet to AP
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    How to use AP mode

    Trying to set up a New Heatermeter in AP mode. Setting up for use at campsite with no WIFI. Does the AP mode make the heatermeter to broadcast an SSID and be connected to just like it was on the home wifi. I have been looking for a thread the explains how to set it up for AP aand how to use AP...
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    The Adapt-a-Damper - Open Source Project

    Love the Idea would like to test it out if you design the board these connections always haunt me.
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    New BSK Broil King Keg,

    Building new HM for a friend for christmas. How did you connect your blower to the new round inlet. See they sell an adapter but it cost way too much. If someone is using this adapter can you measure diameater and depth. What is the...
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    Merry Christmas

    The story of Christ of this is great !!! Merry Christmas!
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    Post your live HeaterMeter Cooks

    12 pound brisket in for the overnight
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    Lodge Cast Iron Skillet - about ready to give it up!

    I used to get sticking of sausage and bacon and black tar like mess on pan. My wife was buying the Maple flavored bacon and sausage and I was putting extra sugar in my cure when making bacon. I quit using flavored meats and dont add sugar to the MTQ cure, since then no more problems. I also...
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    first test run. Need some help

    I have a BSK same as the bkk. Set max blower speed on startup no higher than about 20. I will check my exact settings tomorrow. Blower only on above 90, max 15 percent blower. top vent at 1.5 to 2.5 depending on low heat 225 or 275 and above at 2.5. Only light about one or two coals on top of...
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    Order Now: WSM Smoke Day 13 T-Shirts & More

    Ordered, my shirt should be here Monday. Chris, I'm waiting for the hint.
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    All TC probe HM?!?

    I had 3 boards for it made at OSHPARK HeaterMeater AUX TC X3 Never did assemble them. John Bostwick designed the board. Here is the parts list, it missing at least one or two parts that were added when John updated the board...
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    Weber says they have discontinued the Hanger Rack for the WSM's for 2017

    Ordered one from True Value, picked it up last Friday.
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    All TC probe HM?!?

    John did design the board for me. Got all the parts never assembled it. I saved the drawings somewhere will check tomorrow when I'm home. Also think I got 4 of the boards made. Not sure we're it all is will look for it.
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    Post your live HeaterMeter Cooks

    Butt on the Big Steel Keg
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    General 3D Printing Thread

    I was given a MendelMax 1.5, not sure of what ramps board it has or what other controls or board I may need. I Was told it needs a 24v powers supply, from looking around believe with the heated bed I need a 400 watt supply. Anyone know of a cheap source for the power supply and any good forums...
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    Heatermeter v 4.2 food probes quit working

    Checked with meter, found broken ground connection, on pin header cable going to temp probe jacks. Thanks for the help.
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    Heatermeter v 4.2 food probes quit working

    Im use custom made water resistant case so using the probe pin header. I could have broke the ground wire. I will test next week time permitting. Smoke was still successful switched to another HM, like having a backup HM.
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    Heatermeter v 4.2 food probes quit working

    HM has been working great for about a year, last night all food probes suddenly quit working, Any ideas on where to start looking for problem they were working unplugged and cleaned them, I did not get wiring wet plugged back in and none of them work. got out my new backup probes and none of...
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    Is Tony Chachere's Injectable Butter Marinade spicy?

    What John said. I have used it for years no noticeable heat, inject then deep fry. Going naked this year straight in to the pool of hot peanut oil, no marinade or spice.