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    Weber Directions for Corned Beef

    I love Faux Pastrami on the grill (or WSM). However, when it comes to Corned Beef and Cabbage, my wife uses her old stove top Pressure Cooker. You can certainly do it with the Instant Pot with the same results, but my wife has been doing this since we married a couple of lifetimes ago (63 years...
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    Tonight’s Lenten Repast

    Timothy; That is a great looking meal, for sure! I have come to prefer Salmon done on a Cedar Plank. Here is an older post with pictures: The technique is the same (except for cooking time) for steelhead as salmon. Good Steelhead is now...
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    Smokin cheese on a gasser

    Here's and older post of mine cold smoking cheese in the Mini - I have also done it the exact same way in my 18.5 with the same results. Notice that the instructions for the Amazen smoker tube state to light the pellets and let them burn for 10 minutes before blowing them out. I do that and have...
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    Wrapping Ribs: Meat Side Up or Meat Side Down Results

    I want my rack of ribs to be cooked the same end for end. I get that by cutting my rib racks in half, then using rib racks on my WSM's. That also allows me to use an aluminum "throw-away" pan to "wrap" my "half racks of ribs". They are much easier to handle and you can finish them how you...
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    Houston we have a problem!

    I have a number of Thermoworks products. I have been MORE than happy with them. When I needed some info or fancied a problem, they have been close to WONDERFUL to deal with. Frankly, after using other company's products, having probe failures, and snotty customer service, I find Thermoworks to...
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    Dang Good Chicken

    Scott; As a matter of interest, what rub are you using. The finished shots look WONDERFUL! Dale53
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    Deck lighting for the grills

    Check this out: My answer will be found on Post #11. Keep on smokin', Dale53 :wsm:
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    Chicken and Dumplings on the Instant Pot, again!

    My wife and I run the Instant Pot together. She does most of the work, and I run the Instant Pot. One suggestion I will make regarding this recipe: Using readily available "skinless, boneless, chicken thighs" we save a good bit of work, I believe that dark meat enhances the flavor as compared to...
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    Dang Good Chicken

    Scott; I am going to take your post to heart! I am not a big fan of chicken breasts (my favorites are Vortex wings, drummies, and thighs) but I am definitely going to give your method a try or two! That looks absolutely like what I need to be doing. When and if we get through the winter storms...
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    Chicken and Dumplings on the Instant Pot, again!

    This evening, my wife, Marilyn, again did Chicken and Dumplings in the Instant Pot. This cook takes less than an hour after a bit of prep, The results are flat out "Over the Top"! It was again a COLD day with wind chills in the teens over night and mixed snow and rain, etc. Just the thing to...
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    Anyone find the new WSM probe rubber hole useless?

    I am a BIG fan of simply cutting a slot. I learned that when I built my Mini, and after trying the grommet a time or two, I cut the slot in my 14.5", too. I also have the slot in my 18.5", too. The only way to go, IMHO... Keep on smokin', Dale53 :wsm:
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    My very own Weber Christmas Story… (long)

    Frank, of course, the important thing is you escaped injury! (y) (y) (y) I remember an incident that this brought to mind. I was in my High School marching band. I played saxophone. One Thanksgiving football game, it was COLD. During the game, my fingers stuck to the keys. Fortunately, I did...
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    My very own Weber Christmas Story… (long)

    The easiest solution (before you get your hand sticking to the grill) is wear GLOVES! I wear leather gloves in the summer to keep from getting burned and in the winter to keep my hands warm. Just a thought... Keep on smokin', Dale53 :wsm:
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    Fire Starters - what are you using?

    I normally use my Performer with gas lighter. However, many times I will be using my other performer without a gas starter. Then, a single Weber cube fire starter on top of an empty tuna can (puts the fire up into the chimney) does a fine job. I admit the Rutland Fire Squares are interesting in...
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    Help! What exactly did I get and how do I prepare them?!?!

    Michael; That is a GOOD lookin', cook, for sure! I bet they tasted wonderful!!! Good job! Keep on smokin', Dale53:wsm:
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    Question for Wingmasters

    I "fry" my wings using the Vortex on my Performer. 20 minutes, then flip, and 10-20 minutes later they are crisp and finished. My preferred way is to then brush on a light coat of "Apricot Preserves, Honey, and Chipotle in Adobo" sauce right after pulling the wings off the grill. I serve them...
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    Korean BBQ drummies

    That is sure a good looking batch of "super food"!!!:p Keep on smokin', Dale53:wsm:
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    Which Vortex

    BFletcher; Thanks for the kind words! I did not see this until now (nothing slow about me:rolleyes:). Dale53
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    Shhhhh! Ribs on the Instant Pot

    Cold weather is coming! If you have an Instant Pot, now is the time to do some ribs with Cannellini Beans and Spinach: We have done these several times, and, folks, these are REALLY good! Dale53
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    Instant Pot Chicken and Dumplings

    We did the Chicken and Dumplings again! They are absolutely EXCELLENT, as usual. Jump on the wagon, folks, this is definitely GOOD EATS! Dale53