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    Performer has assist not lighting

    I can’t seem to get the speaker to ignite the gas. I can use a match and light it inside the bowl but the igniter isn’t doing the job I have a spark and even swapped in a new igniter. Stopped short of just replacing the burner because the bolts are so corroded I didn’t feel like fighting them.
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    the weber fairy dropped by

    SO my friend owns our local ACE hardware and its paying off this year so far he has dropped off two genesis that were replaced by new grills. Only catch for me is both are NG so I will need to convert but I cant complain. The first one the older one will be simple enough as I have a manifold...
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    Royal Oak 15.4-lb Charcoal Briquets 2 for $8 at Lowe's

    Lowe’s Royal Oak sale Not sure if it’s only once a year that they hit $4 a bag or not but it’s as cheap as it comes. A few weeks ago it was $5 a bag. Stack with a $10 off $50 or $20 off $100 and you can be as cheap as $0.21 a pound...
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    Cleaning a stainless hood

    Best bet for cleaning a weathered stainless hood??
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    Genesis silver c Facelift/ grad gift. Built it to match his 71 gmc. Blue with a lift and tires. Going to burn a lot of hot dogs in the next few years
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    Check these burners please

    So I got this gold for free. I mainly got it for the thermoset tables aand hood since the cart is trashed. But they said they had recently replaced the burners and they look ok to me except for about 3/4 of the way down in the same spot in all of them is a split I've not seen before on others...
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    Replacement grates?

    Rehabbing two Genesis for some high school grad gifts If they were for me I'd buy the rcplane rod grates but they're not and I'm on a budget. I'll still likely buy his Flavor bars unless I can get some o for cheap. Anyone got any top secret places or ideas
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    Burned some of the Weber charcoal tonight

    Just to grill some chicken breasts Compared to Kingsford it's a thicker briquette seemed to take a little longer to get going in the chimney on my performer. But it doesn't appear to ash as much so maybe they're more efficient so I'll get more cooks out of them?? Anyone with more express care...
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    NIB 1994 Genesis 2000
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    WOW NIB 1994 Genesis 2000 CL SF bayarea IF a guy had to have one but that's a bit spendy for me. I might consider it down around 4-500 neat to see
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    how to add a custom logo to a kettle? Anyone done it?

    So I help gather raffle prizes and auction goods for a few local fundraisers. And I was wondering what or how would be the best way to add a custom logo to a kettle much like the ones of days gone by most recently I remember seeing a Miller Lite one but there have been so many. Would a Simple...
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    Traeger would you add one to your fleet?

    Just curious as I am in quite a pickle. Currently I have a performer and 330 genesis that see regular use. I have been offered an opportunity to get in on a new Traeger at some killer pricing pricing I cant hardly turn down and the wife gave me the go ahead to get one. But I am struggling to...
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    Coshell charcoal??

    Anyone use it try it have an opinion on it? If you have an OSH it's a killer price I just don't have one close enough to buy one bag to try then go back for more. If it's good I wanna buy all I can...
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    Got match right?

    Mama surprised me with a new copper performer a few weeks back so we agreed and I ordered a new 330 to match. Then I may have gotten carried away and powdercoated my tumblers to match
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    Wifey Surprised Me

    Been pulling a bunch of nights and the other day I had to wake up early to go pick up my daughter from school. When I got home I went out back as we are getting the yard in order for a party this weekend and I see a box. The woman who says I have too many bbqs bought me a new copper performer...
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    Dimensions of early fireboxes 13 bar vs later

    So Are the 13 bar fireboxes deeper than the next generation with fewer bars? I am thinking seriously if I can find a suitable donor about cutting a hole in the side and mounting my pellet pro hopper to one. I need a hole 4.5" tall by 5.5" wide I know sac religious and crazy but who cares
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    What is this? An early summit?

    Its free is it worth looking into? I haven't seen one before some I guessing parts could be tough to get
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    Parts for my performer help

    So over in the land of gassers its fairly common knowledge that RCplane on ebay has the cats meow when it comes to flavorizer bars and grates Are there any aftermarket cooking or charcoal grates I should look into for my new to me performer? I want to start off fresh with this girl
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    Amazon cover for summit 6 burner

    Not sure how to link from the Amazon app but I just got the classic accessories # 73952 XXL and it for perfect for $22.99 on Prime!
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    Patience grasshopper. Scored a performer

    Friend told me there was a weber in a local Facebook yard sale page sure enough it's a blue performer deluxe for $125 and I know the guy. So I go get it tomorrow. Now I have someplace to put the $5 kingsford