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  1. Paul Mosher

    First Place Chicken

    Congratulations to ChrisPM of Baraboo Q for placing First in Chicken at Sam's Club National BBQ Tour in Madison, WI 7-14-2012. Way to go!!
  2. Paul Mosher

    Nickel City Smokers

    Congratulations to j biesinger and the Nickel City Smokers for placing THIRD Overall at the Crossborder Blues Brews and Q in Wilson, NY!! Beat out Diva Q by 2 positions. Fantastic and Way-To-Go! A 4th in Pork and 4th in Brisket is outstanding. Paul
  3. Paul Mosher

    "2011 Brew-B-Que" in Lodi, WI

    Congratulations to Baraboo Q for 2nd place Ribs at "2011 Brew-B-Que" in Lodi, WI. Way to go Chris!
  4. Paul Mosher

    An Old New WSM?

    Just saw this and thought some of you might find it as interesting as I did. 14.5 WSM Maybe
  5. Paul Mosher

    First Cook On My WSM

    I'm expecting delivery of my new 18.5 WSM next week and wondering what meat would be a good choice for my first cook. Any recommendations? Thanks.