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  1. Kelly C


    Kemper - they look excellent!!!
  2. Kelly C

    Football & Wings

    They look and sound great Rich!
  3. Kelly C

    New 1991 performer charcoal grill for sale

    Has anyone done a repair on a kettle or performer bowl to reattach a leg socket? If yes, did you weld it back on, use jb weld high heat or something else? Please share tips on this if you can.
  4. Kelly C

    Life Changes....

    Looks great Mike! Glad to hear and see the grilled meals continuing midst the transition of homes and different grill spaces.
  5. Kelly C

    Registering WSM

    Registering Weber grills will not only help with warranties but also increase the chances that Weber will give discounts on parts that are out of warranty.
  6. Kelly C

    Burned Ends

    They turned out pretty good, but too much cayenne😬! Will adjust for next time. May add leftovers to Mac n cheese to tame it down a little.
  7. Kelly C

    New 1991 performer charcoal grill for sale

    Picked up this 2001 ss performer last night for $30. Couldn’t pass it up at that price. Cleaned it some late last night in last 2 pictures. Will need a second frame piece added on bottom, igniter work, ash pan, propane tank and a leg socket reattached. Has anyone used jb weld or something else...
  8. Kelly C

    Burned Ends

    My plan is smoking the point to 190-95 IT, pull to cool for about an hour, cube and put into an aluminum half pan with bbq sauce, brown sugar and rub and back into the smoker for 2 more hours with a good amount of smoke. Using pecan and apple wood chunks.
  9. Kelly C

    Burned Ends

    With a temperature forecast in the low 50’s today decided it would be a great day to smoke burned ends on the C code 18 wsm. Picked up a brisket point at the grocery store recently and decided to try the rub recipe below. Will update the post after dinner.
  10. Kelly C

    Mushroom burgers

    Yum! Looks outstanding!!!
  11. Kelly C

    Some somewhat belated cooks

    Everything looks great! You’re making me hungry.
  12. Kelly C

    Free Stickers

    Thanks Chris! Received mine today too.
  13. Kelly C

    '62/64 Kettle??

    Easy come easy go😀!
  14. Kelly C

    '62/64 Kettle??

    Rich - did you get it?
  15. Kelly C

    Pork Butt today!!

    Welcome to the forum Curt. Looking good. Are you smoking it to an internal temp of 200 or something else?
  16. Kelly C

    '62/64 Kettle??

    I need another set of those wheels if you get it and decide to part it out😄...just puttin it out there.
  17. Kelly C

    '62/64 Kettle??

    Rich - Go go go!!!! Love it. Definitely early 60’s!
  18. Kelly C

    Great little things

    LMichaels - sorry to hear this too. Good advice given IMO by JKalchik. Some great little things (in no order) that come to mind: 1. Springtime - seeing redbuds in bloom, sounds of wild turkeys gobbling in the woods, watching college basketball tournament and eating sautéed morels. 2. A good...
  19. Kelly C

    Football fiesta!!

    Are we having leftovers today (or are there none)? Looks great!
  20. Kelly C

    2015 Performer Find

    Scott - welcome to the forum! Nice find and great job cleaning it up. Looks great!