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  1. Lew Newby

    Favorite Pasta Shape.

    First Fettuccini, second Angel Hair, and third Spaghetti. Gnocchi cones in a very close fourth.
  2. Lew Newby


    My wife bought an Instant pot and she has never used it. I, however, have used it for lots of stuff and it's my go to for Posole at Christmas time. Pressure cooking really does a great job on beef. Those Tacos sound great.
  3. Lew Newby

    SmokeFire First Uses Questions

    I get that odd-numbered target temp a lot when I set the temp on the app. Since it's one degree I just ignore it BUT that should not happen.
  4. Lew Newby

    CyberQ WiFi failed probe

    On another site we were discussing using a meat probe as an ambient probe. I wrote to Thermoworks asking if there was a difference in construction other than the tip profile. Here's the response. Hi Lew, The Pro-Series meat probe and air probe have the same thermistor at the tip of the...
  5. Lew Newby

    CyberQ WiFi failed probe

    I'm in central Florida and after I cut my notch I put a little oil on the bare metal and cooked a Pork Butt. The grease and smoke coated the groove and I didn't have rust after 10 years.
  6. Lew Newby

    Buyer Beware about used Smokefire's.

    My understanding is that Weber collaborated with June in developing their iGrill system and their Smokefire software. To me that means the Weber software people are June employees so we continue our march to mature SmokeFire software..
  7. Lew Newby

    SmokeFire First Uses Questions

    Spot on. Remember Bruno’s saga last year? He came close to returning his EX6. The problems you’re experiencing are frustrating and venting here is good for the soul. If you decide to return it no one can fault you for that.
  8. Lew Newby

    First Brisket of 2021

  9. Lew Newby

    2nd smoke with the WSM 18.5

    Nice pics. Enjoy!
  10. Lew Newby

    SmokeFire First Uses Questions

    One tip on the Smokefire. If you set the grill temp to 300 or lower the temperature climbs very slowly. If you set it to 305 or higher the fan kicks on high at 90 degrees and stays on high until temperature is reached. Getting to 250 is faster going to 305 and then reduce set temp to 250.
  11. Lew Newby

    SmokeFire First Uses Questions

    Well, now you’ve joined the crazy folks. Congratulations!!! I don’t recommend making any changes just yet. The December update to the grill software is messing with lots of folks. I’m having temp control problems like never before. I’m waiting to see if the next update fixes some of the...
  12. Lew Newby

    Heat Diffusers

    I used a pizza pan in my 22. Wrapped it in HD aluminum foil and it worked like a charm. It's cheap, easy to wrap, and easy to clean. You may need to adjust your brackets to hold it but worth the effort.
  13. Lew Newby

    SmokeFire FAQ For New and Old Owners

    More updates today. Added a section on monitoring pit temps using a probe and the ports. Several members confirmed specific brands of probes that work with the Smokefire.
  14. Lew Newby

    Joining the fun

    In June I thought that the hardware improvements had addressed all the hardware problems and knew I was going to deal with steady software improvements. I took advantage of the $200 off sale then. Good luck with your decision.
  15. Lew Newby

    New WSM 22.5 lid won't sit correctly

    You're going to love that 18.5. Living where you do it might be a good idea to build a wind break for your smoker. The wind can play havoc with the WSM of any size and you get some wind up there. NAS Argentia is my reference point for that.
  16. Lew Newby

    What is your best cook ever ?

    That's a beautiful hunk of Pork. You deserve all the praise you get for a great cook. I have racked my brain and come up blank on my best cook ever. I hope my best is still ahead because I never stop learning. My latest "most memorable" cook was the result of my Granddaughter in Law's...
  17. Lew Newby

    Almost, but,,,,,

    Lynn, my opinion is that if you want a pure smoker you can't go wrong with the RT-590. I used their customer support when I had the RT-300 portable and they are as impressive as BFletcher stated. The Stainless in the 590 and the ceramic igniter are big pluses. The EX4 is better than it was in...
  18. Lew Newby

    Almost, but,,,,,

    Jon, yours IS a Rec Tec. The newer ones are Recteq. I had the RT-300 and put the WIFI controller in it and then put a Rec Tec WIFI controller in my Camp Chef. That was my faux RT-590 and it was great because of the controller. The SF controller will amaze you with nice blue smoke at 400° and...
  19. Lew Newby

    Almost, but,,,,,

    If you're a vet with a Lowes card you will get an additional 10% off. I saved a hundred bucks doing that. I ordered it online and they delivered the box to my garage. If you get it, download the BILT app and it has easy to follow assembly instructions. Vendors don't have a good track record...
  20. Lew Newby

    Almost, but,,,,,

    Pull the trigger before the sale ends. The SF is an outstanding cooker with software that will eventually catch up to the hardware. It is my hot and fast grill and my low and slow smoker. On smokeboost it normally keeps the temp below 170 so it's a Jerky making machine. I've had mine since...