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    High Heat Paint Issue

    I painted this with high heat ultra rustOlem. Let it set for about 7 days and the put this cover on it. It’s been stored in my climate controlled garage for about 5 weeks. Out it out today to deliver and it’s like the paint melted. Maybe a chemical reaction? It’s tacky to the touch and dried...
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    Probe Grommet

    So I’ve got what Weber has confirmed with me as a pre production 18” WSM. On this I’ve upgraded hardware to stainless steel, new aluminum door and legs. I’m considering putting a probe grommet in. What are your thoughts in this? Would I be ruining the “historical” significance?
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    ISO: Older Summit Lid a Thermometer Replacement?

    Anyone have one of these older lid thermometers around?
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    Fire box rehab Q’s

    How does everyone finish inside of their fire box end caps? Paint? Bare? Would you grind down these end caps or just attempt to repaint? Also I took apart the fire box on my 2001 Summit and there seems to be some sort of orange caulking or insulation on the seams. Ever see this? Need to...
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    BRAG: My 2nd $30 18” WSM find.

    Here is today’s find. 1994 needs some TLC but going to be a nice unitHere is my 1st found just short of a year ago. I’ve replaced a few parts and converted to all SS hardware. Has no age code.
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    Summit 450 - Rehab

    Help!!! I just purchased a Summit 450 for $200. I thought I got a darn good deal! Until I took the cook box off the frame and I uncovered the back support almost completely rusted through. And the dang thing about it, is this is the only rust on the whole dang grill (minus the speed nuts on the...