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  1. JeffG

    The Humor Thread

  2. JeffG

    Mu Ping

  3. JeffG

    Spatchcock or Separate?

    Nice video Jim..
  4. JeffG

    Brand New 1st Gen Performer

    Wow what a great find. I found a Gen one that had been sitting under a Weber cover in a garage for 15 years, original bill of sale, owners manual and the match holder.... The son asked me if they still make Weber BBQ's when I bought it. o_O
  5. JeffG

    BBQ Sundae

    Looks great Kemper.
  6. JeffG

    Best Meal I’ve made in Years!!

    Kemper is on a roll, another beauty...
  7. JeffG

    Chicken Flautas & Mexican Street Corn

    I'm all in on taste testing a few of those chicken flautas Kemper, they look delicious..
  8. JeffG


    Knocked that one outa the park...Yum...nicely done Peter and Doris..
  9. JeffG

    Ga$oline Pri¢es

    I'm with you Brian_D, I pulled into a gas station in Newport Beach Ca. yesterday and it was $3.79 for regular. I just drove thru that gas station and found one in Costa Mesa a few blocks away at $3.19 a gal.
  10. JeffG

    Herbed chicken legs

    Brad I like your sense of humor and honesty....not stemming the herbs before putting them in the processor. Been there done that, great looking chicken
  11. JeffG

    First Rotisserie cook on the 26" Glen Blue

    The Glen Blue 26R looks mighty fine with a rotisserie in it, the birds getting there....just a few more spins..
  12. JeffG

    Whats your favorite Flank Steak recipe?

    Im sure it said Flank Steak or was it Flap Meat.......ooops :) Thanks for the recipes....
  13. JeffG

    Whats your favorite Flank Steak recipe?

    I went to Costco on the way home from work and picked up some tasty looking Flank steak. I know the longer you marinade it the better it taste, so whats your go to recipe? I did a very simple evoo, kosher salt, and course black pepper.... always good. Thanks Jeff
  14. JeffG

    The Humor Thread

  15. JeffG

    Blue gas assist SS Performer $100.00 Pacific Beach.

    I Hope somebody on here gets this. It took me 3 years of looking around to find a blue one and this one looks to be in good condition.
  16. JeffG

    Green Chili & Chicken Enchiladas

    Now thats how to make enchiladas, gotta give that a try soon..
  17. JeffG

    Some ribs

    Jay Man those are some meaty ribs and what beautiful color, nicely done.
  18. JeffG

    Makin Bacon and Giving the Beswood a Workout

    Like your setup Rich and Barb, you can never have to much bacon...