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  1. J Robb

    Weber bug zapper on Craigslist

    Saw this today if anyone is in western ny. I don’t know if it’s a good price, but I know there are collectors here that might be interested.
  2. J Robb

    Scored a Q2000 with cart and tank for $15 on Craigslist!

    It’s in pretty good condition, just needs a new igniter, the little metal support bar under one of the wings, and a good cleaning. There is probably $15 worth of propane left in the tank! Any tips to properly clean the grate would be appreciated. Thanks!
  3. J Robb

    Go-Anywhere Gas Grill with Marlboro wooden handles

    Picked this up on Facebook Marketplace for $10! I’ve never seen a Marlboro Weber grill, didn’t know they were made. I really wasn’t looking for a grill but I figured for $10 it has 3 wood handles in good condition. I’m contemplating sanding off the Marlboro emblems.
  4. J Robb

    2nd cook on my 14” WSM: mini pork butt

    My supermarket had a special on some mini pork butts (approx 2# each). I’ve never done one before so I figured it would be a cheap experiment. I’m 6 hours in and the internal temp is 160°, so I think I’m finally moving past the stall - it was stuck at 150° for almost 2 hours. It’s pretty...
  5. J Robb

    Weber plastic grill handle 7478 with tool holders on clearance at my local Lowes

    I picked up a couple yesterday for $4 each. They are still $8.99 online, but if you’re in need of handles it might be worth a call to your local Lowes store to see if they are clearing them out.
  6. J Robb

    Ambient probe vs food probe for monitoring cooker temps

    I’ve never had an ambient temperature probe, and have just been using 2 separate food probes to monitor the cooker temp and the meat temp. Is there enough differences in the accuracy of the ambient vs food probe to warrant purchasing a dedicated ambient probe? I’ve compared my 2 food probes side...
  7. J Robb

    Got my first WSM!

    Picked it up on Craigslist a couple weeks ago. Will hopefully try it out over the weekend. It’s in great condition, I think it’s only about a year old. It already has a friend :-)
  8. J Robb

    Embers charcoal $1.90/bag on clearance at Home Depot

    My local Home Depot has their Embers Charcoal on clearance for $1.90/bag. Has anyone used it? It’s made by Royal Oak, but I couldn’t find any info online how it’s made, additives, etc. It got mixed reviews on Home Depot’s site, but I grabbed a few bags anyway just because it’s cheap.
  9. J Robb

    Hi from Rochester, NY!

    Browsed this board a few times in the past, decided to finally join. Family portrait: Also have a Blue Performer and another Smokey Joe that didn’t make the picture