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  1. Andrew IBSP

    Reverse Sear Boneless Chuck Roast

    Saw some boneless chuck roasts at Whole Foods on sale for about $3.50/lb so I figured, why not? I’ll do a reverse sear: indirect to 120 internal then sear. big flavors and still pretty tender!
  2. Andrew IBSP

    Q120 at the beach

    Spent the entire day at the beach but only got pics of breakfast. Standard pork roll egg and cheese sandwiches on the lodge griddle. Delicious!
  3. Andrew IBSP

    Weber Customer Service (VG) - E435

    Noticed this porcelain imperfection on the lid of my new E-435 and decided to run it by customer service. After a relatively short wait, I spoke with a young lady who listened to my issue, verified my grill and address and told me a new lid (sans thermometer and bezel) will be shipped to me...
  4. Andrew IBSP

    Kettle Smoked Meatloaf

    With all the recent smoked meatloaf talk around here, I had to try it. Glad I did, it’s my new favorite way to make it. I’m not a big fan of traditional meatloaf I had the opportunity to try the bbq meatloaf at the Weber Restaurant once and it was phenomenal.
  5. Andrew IBSP

    Wok n Roll

    We’re going to do a quick chicken and veggie stir fry tonight but using the performer as a table and the chimney as the cooktop. More to come!
  6. Andrew IBSP

    Boneless Pork Chops

    Tonight was a quick dinner of marinated boneless pork chops from Costco with grilled veggies and roasted garlic.
  7. Andrew IBSP

    We’re doing ribs today

    Three racks of St. Louis. Hickory wood and Kingsford Professional in the 22 WSM. I plan to stick around 250ish and skip the foil. Results later! Have a wonderful Sunday!
  8. Andrew IBSP

    My first vortex cook (wings)

    In progress. Pecan chunks and some corn starch in the rub for crisp! Wish me luck.
  9. Andrew IBSP

    Beach Time

    Here at Island Beach State Park (IBSP - hence the screen name) for some relaxing family time with fishing and some grilled lunch on the Q120. I brought along the griddle in case eggs were requested. Days like these are the absolute best! Hope everyone enjoys their day today.
  10. Andrew IBSP

    Cleaned up the Lodge Sportsman Grill

    Only used this a handful of times, but thoroughly enjoyed it every time. Today was time to give her a refresh. I think some steaks will find their way on this grill soon.
  11. Andrew IBSP

    Cedar plank salmon + veggies

    Quick dinner tonight. Pulled @ 130, simple and delicious!
  12. Andrew IBSP

    Quick repaint for the old Q120

    I’ve had this grill since 2008, lid started to crack and peel so I wire brushed *most* of it and hit with rustoleum automotive high heat matte black (it’s all I had) First heat test went well, no obvious cracking. Hopefully it lasts.
  13. Andrew IBSP

    Like father, like son

    So my son got his first Weber grill, it’s pretty stock except for the tool holder. Last I heard he was looking for some SS grates to upgrade from the stock plastic.
  14. Andrew IBSP

    Pork Shoulder Cook

    Got the WSM 22 out today, first run of the Inkbird ibbq-4t WiFi thermometer. Thermometer and app are working well. When the food is finished, I’ll grab some more photos.
  15. Andrew IBSP

    New Genesis II E-435

    Wife surprised me with a new grill for Father’s Day, finally got the patio finished to roll her out. The rest of the crew is in the garage, for now..
  16. Andrew IBSP

    When you see a Weber Performer for $40, you buy it.

    The guy even included the charcoal!