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  1. Greg in Utah

    Kettle + Vortex Tandoori Chicken

    I held off on buying a Vortex because I have lots of other toys err... grilling accessories. With that being said, I'm finding uses for it. Looking for some inspiration over @, I saw a Tandoori chicken recipe and decided to try it. The only changes I made was to salt the...
  2. Greg in Utah

    Puerto Rican style adobo seasoning

    This seasoning mix is outstanding on pork and poultry. 2 TBS Kosher Salt 2 tsp granulated garlic 2 tsp black pepper 2 tsp oregano 1 tsp turmeric
  3. Greg in Utah

    Sunday burgers, pork chops and sides.

    I decided to start with the sides tonight since the stars of the cook ( the MEAT ) won’t take long. A skillet of Yukon Golds with SPOG. Double decker rack with some Olathe sweet corn 🌽 To be continued....
  4. Greg in Utah

    Prosciutto and provolone wrapped asparagus

    Yes, there is grilled CoC and a home grown jalapeño cheeseburger in this picture. The thing to pay attention to is the asparagus that is wrapped with provolone and prosciutto. You don't need a recipe. You can see the recipe. Oh yeah, I cooked some stuffed pork chops for tomorrow night. I...
  5. Greg in Utah

    First crack at Kettle Fried Chicken

    A 12 pack of drumsticks made me think of trying KFC - K meaning kettle in this case. I brined the drumsticks for 4 hours And then drained them. Next I poured 2 cups of buttermilk over them with some (a lot) of Arizona Gunslinger hot sauce. After getting the kettle happy at 375 these yardbird...
  6. Greg in Utah

    Lodge 8” cast iron round pan

    I saw this one today at an Ace Hardware and thought it belonged on the grill for side dishes. (y) $16.99
  7. Greg in Utah

    I’m ready to dump Amazon Prime

    Since they abandoned “Free” 2-day shipping and now need a week to deliver. The inflated prices to cover the “free” shipping remain inflated. 120 bucks a year isn’t worth it to me anymore. I don’t watch video stuff on Prime all that often (Bosch being my favorite).
  8. Greg in Utah

    Choripan (or Choripanes)

    Choripan is an insanely good sandwich that is popular in much of South America. It is nothing more than chorizo and chimichurri on a baguette. Chorizo varies quite a bit, with the dry Spanish style, or the red-chile packed Mexican style, being not quite right for this. Argentine style chorizo...
  9. Greg in Utah

    What are you smoking this weekend? August 2020

    I have a 13 pound Turkey 🦃 that’s going into the WSM with some apple chunks. My labs will be very happy to assist in eating this.
  10. Greg in Utah

    Too full for pie

    Did a lot of cooking this weekend but didn’t take “Action Shots” except for this skillet of rosemary potatoes..... Oops Saturday night was steak night. I bought a small, prime, NY roast and cut 11 steaks out of it. This is one of the smaller ones but after eating all this I couldn’t even...
  11. Greg in Utah

    Time for a new 22” cooking grate... Which one?

    I’ve always stuck with the standard 22” grate with the flip up sections. I’m wondering if the Gourmet grate from the Master Touch is a worthy upgrade or are there aftermarket options that anyone can recommend? Thanks in advance (y)
  12. Greg in Utah

    1992 Green Kettle, still knocking out the grub

    After a major cleanup and some parts replacements a few years back, this kettle has been in steady use. It has been tripped over, blown over in storms, had a couple roof loads of snow crash down on it. I think I’ve gotten my money’s worth out of it, 28 years and still going.
  13. Greg in Utah

    Guardians of the Grill

    I can’t be the only one that has a Security & Quality Control Department to oversee my outdoor cooking adventure. Let’s see your grill guards and smoker security team members. No squirrels, rabbits, ravens, deer, moose or elk have ever stolen meat off my cookers with these 2 on duty.
  14. Greg in Utah

    If it’s stupid, but it works, it ain’t stupid

    Out of boredom, and because I had leftovers in case in case of a disaster, I decided to cook a 4 pound chicken on my SJ Hybrid. ( SJ with the bail from an SJ Gold) I lined the charcoal grate with 1 layer of unlit Kingsford Comp, and poured 1/3rd of a lit chimney over these. ( vents wide open...
  15. Greg in Utah

    First new kettle in decades.

    I bought a brand new green kettle (With wooden handles) back in 1993. Since then, used ones have followed me home, but I spotted this crimson beauty on the True Value website and now it’s doing an initial burn-in in the back yard. My signature needs an update.
  16. Greg in Utah

    Hanging Day

    These 2 racks of baby backs were found guilty of being delicious. They were hung by a Gateway Smokers rack in my 18.5” WSM until time for a foil wrap.
  17. Greg in Utah

    Thursday night pork chops

    I forgot to post for about 8 years but all my Webers are still doing solid work. Grilled jalapeños not pictured. Keep on cooking!
  18. Greg in Utah

    Contraptions, Misc Cooks, Chicken Legs & Western Wildfires

    I'm sure I'm not the only one who takes a photo, plans on taking more and then gets hungry and bags the rest. The above is one of those - a solo pork chop with some red wine sausages and yukon golds. It was all good! Today I ran errands and kept seeing places I like for lunch but in the...
  19. Greg in Utah

    Brisket Number 3

    Yesterday I cooked my third brisket (ever) in my 18.5" WSM. My previous two were nothing to write home about but they were just flats. Since I visited some of the Texas BBQ shrines my appreciation and interest in this cut of meat went up exponentially. That is an 11 pound packer, fat...
  20. Greg in Utah

    Roto Birds

    I've said it before, IMHO the rotisserie is the best accessory for a Weber kettle. Roto birds are juicier than spatchcocked or beer canned. The birds were brined, stuffed with garlic cloves and lime halves, rubbed and spun. Once the birds were resting the cooking grate went over the...