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  1. Andrew IBSP

    Cute little redhead

    Looks great!
  2. Andrew IBSP

    Reverse Sear Boneless Chuck Roast

    I actually did this all on the E-435. Very easy to dial it in to hold 230, pulled it off and got the sear station blazing hot to finish.
  3. Andrew IBSP

    Reverse Sear Boneless Chuck Roast

    Thanks! Kept it very simple: light coating of oil, liberal amount of salt and pepper, I let it come up to room temperature and had it indirect around 230 degrees until 120 internal, then I just seared the hell out of it until it looked proper.
  4. Andrew IBSP

    Reverse Sear Boneless Chuck Roast

    Saw some boneless chuck roasts at Whole Foods on sale for about $3.50/lb so I figured, why not? I’ll do a reverse sear: indirect to 120 internal then sear. big flavors and still pretty tender!
  5. Andrew IBSP

    Q120 at the beach

    No sand in the meals, thankfully. Beach cooks are always something special.
  6. Andrew IBSP

    Using an old Kettle as a fire pit?

    We use an old beat up smokey joe sometimes as a fire pit.
  7. Andrew IBSP

    Replacement parts for Genesis II?

    They have arrived and they are legit. Magnet will not stick, FYI.
  8. Andrew IBSP

    Replacement parts for Genesis II?

    I bit. I couldn’t pass up a 7mm stainless set for my E-435 for $22 shipped.
  9. Andrew IBSP

    St. Louis Ribs - Whats your favorite time/temp combination?

    250-275 unwrapped until the bend test passes. Dry rub is my favorite, sometimes I sauce last 15 minutes or so.
  10. Andrew IBSP

    Q120 at the beach

    A few bites but no takers.
  11. Andrew IBSP

    Pork Butt on kettle

    Real nice!
  12. Andrew IBSP

    Sunday smoked Meatloaf

    Looks awesome! Smoked meatloaf is the best.
  13. Andrew IBSP

    Q120 at the beach

    Spent the entire day at the beach but only got pics of breakfast. Standard pork roll egg and cheese sandwiches on the lodge griddle. Delicious!
  14. Andrew IBSP

    Wings on the Vortex - First Time

    Wings look great!
  15. Andrew IBSP

    Add on for Genesis 2000?

    I think a side by side genesis setup would be really cool. Bonus points if you could put them onto one stretched frame!
  16. Andrew IBSP

    Spares on the WSM

    Nice ribs!
  17. Andrew IBSP

    Weber Customer Service (VG) - E435

    Noticed this porcelain imperfection on the lid of my new E-435 and decided to run it by customer service. After a relatively short wait, I spoke with a young lady who listened to my issue, verified my grill and address and told me a new lid (sans thermometer and bezel) will be shipped to me...