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    My Skyline Restoration Pics

    Hello everyone. I wanted to share some pictures of my first Skyline restoration. I was in Las Vegas on business and happened to find this grill for sale on Offer Up. I happened to drive and it worked out great because I was able to just pick up the grill from a nice couple. I had fun working on...
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    Skyline Restore Question

    Hello Everyone. I tried doing a search first but could not find so I thought I’d ask. I am in the middle of a Skyline Resto and had 2 quick questions. Is it still ok to use simple green and 0000 Steel Wool to clean a Skyline Lid without damaging the Skyline logo? Also I am missing one of the...
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    First Restore: Genesis Red Head

    Hello everybody. Just want to share photos of my first restoration. I was able to pick this grill up for $40. I fell in love with it the first time I saw it. It needed a lot of work, however. This was very challenging because I did not have most of the tools needed to complete this task. I had...
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    Work Table Restoration: Genesis 1100

    Hello All, I am in the final stages of "restoring" a Genesis 1100 and I am seeking guidance on the work table: Can someone tell me the actual factory length of the wood? The previous person replaced the wood and it does not seem correct so if I know the length of each it would help me...
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    Hello From Los Angeles

    Hello all, My name is Robert and I am happy to be a part of this bulletin board. I am the owner of a Genesis E330P, Performer and my most recent Genesis 1100 Red Head which I am beginning to restore. If any of you have any tips to throw my way on the 1100 restoration, please PM me...I can...