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  1. SteveF (Alpine)

    Basque Chorizo “Dogs” on the SmokeFire

    Started with some fresh chorizo sausages from Rancho Llano Seco and grilled up some sweet peppers and onions. Grilled them on the SmokeFire at about 350 with pit boss competition blend pellets. Slathered a couple buns with the best mustard in the world, Kozlik’s and added the onions & peppers...
  2. SteveF (Alpine)

    52 Day Dry Aged Prime Ribeye on the SmokeFire

    This was a whole 17 pound prime ribeye that we dry aged for 52 days in an umai dry aging bag. Using PB competition blend pellets, we started at 600 degrees to get our cast iron “insert” up to temp. Tossed on the steak, flipped her four times about every 60 seconds, then moved to the top rack...
  3. SteveF (Alpine)

    Stuffed Portabellos on the SmokeFire

    This is one of our absolute favorite meals! Stuffing consists of ground turkey, spinach, onions, cream cheese, Montreal chicken and herbs de provence. Topping is a blend of mozzarella and provolone and “Texas topping”, a blend of crispy onions and jalapeños. Delicious 😋
  4. SteveF (Alpine)

    1.8 Pound Porterhouse on the SmokeFire

    Saw this guy in meat display and couldn’t pass it up for $14. Would have preferred thicker, but we didn’t complain. Just had to watch it like a hawk. 500 degrees with Pit Boss Competition Blend pellets to an internal of 128. Accompanied by our favorite unimaginative sides :ROFLMAO:
  5. SteveF (Alpine)

    SmokeFire🔥 Cook Log

    I thought it might be nice to log some of our SmokFire cooks in a single, easy to access location. Truth be told I’m kinda lazy and generally only post in the photos section because I’m not much of a recipe guy. As in I don’t follow any recipe to the “T” and can’t recite my own recipes either...
  6. SteveF (Alpine)

    Pulled Pork on the SmokeFire!!!

    First long cook on the SF and all I can say is WOW!!! Started with a ≈10 pound Costco butt injected with one cup Oakridge BBQ Game Changer mixed with ginger ale. Rubbed with a 50/50 mix of Oakridge BBQ Dominator and Secret Weapon rubs and placed in the SF at 225° on Weber Apple mix pellets...
  7. SteveF (Alpine)

    Triple Berry Polenta Upside Down Cake à la CaseT

    Big, big thanks to @CaseT for posting up his upside down polenta cakes! We were inspired🍻
  8. SteveF (Alpine)

    Chicken Pesto Paninis!

    Had some fresh pesto we needed to get eaten, so here we go. Grilled some boneless, skinless thighs on SmokeFire and sliced thin. Slathered some ciabattas with the pesto, added some red onions and pepper jack and put 'em in the press. Ta-da, 2-3 cups of pesto down in two days! Delicious!
  9. SteveF (Alpine)

    Cast Iron Pizza on the SmokeFire

    I know, I know another cast iron pizza? For this one we started with a couple armfuls of fresh basil, which we made into pesto. Grilled a chicken thigh on the SF and rested and sliced. Next we formed the dough, “sauced” generously with the fresh pesto and added red bell peppers, red onions and a...
  10. SteveF (Alpine)

    Pit-Fried Chicken on the SmokeFire

    We’ve been wanting to do this one for a while now. Sunk the chicken in buttermilk laced with Oakridge game bird and habanero death dust mix for 24 hours. Then tossed them in a mixture of all purpose flour and the same two rubs. Fried ‘em up in a blend of canola and butter and voila, wow, just...
  11. SteveF (Alpine)

    Egg Salad Sandwich Disappointment

    What do you do after you’ve thrown the eggs on the burner for egg salad sandwiches before you realize you’ve got no more bread? Turn ‘em into deviled egg mini feast😜 Hot paprika, smoked paprika, green onions, basil, dill and BACON😎
  12. SteveF (Alpine)

    Spicy Cast Iron Pizza

    First off, thanks to @TCampbell for the inspiration for this dish! We started with some whole wheat dough we (gasp) picked up at our local Baron’s market. We topped it with uncured pepperoni, bacon, nduja, yellow bells, jalapeño, red onion, shrooms and a bunch of basil from our garden. Put on...
  13. SteveF (Alpine)

    Pellet Storage?

    Unless I missed it, I don’t see a thread on pellet storage. Let’s see what cool and unique ideas you can share. Not really interested in the Weber pellet purse or continuing to pour pellets from the bag and leaving the half used bag on my patio, I’ll go first. We use one of the Gamma2 containers...
  14. SteveF (Alpine)

    Sneak Preview

    Started living out one of our dreams today. Dry aged ~17 pound whole prime ribeye!! Wish us luck☘ We’ll see you in 28 to 45 days:cool:
  15. SteveF (Alpine)

    (Almost) Porchetta!

    I have to say “almost” porchetta, because Costco didn’t have skin on pork belly and the crispy skin is incredible and pretty much required to make it authentic. That said, we crisped it up pretty good even without the skin. We first had porchetta in a small trattoria outside of Rome and it was...
  16. SteveF (Alpine)

    Just Another Weekend Two Bone Roast on the SmokeFire

    All the two bone roasts getting cooked this weekend had us inspired. We started with ~5 pounder, rubbed it with some worcestershire & Oakridge BBQ Black Ops Brisket Rub and let stand in the fridge overnight. Next I plopped it in the SmokeFire at 275 for about three hours until it reached an...
  17. SteveF (Alpine)

    Bacon Wrapped Tenderloin on the SmokeFire

    Costco bacon wrapped pork tenderloins (a little saltier than I remember). Grillmaster pellets at 275 for about 55 minutes to an internal temp of 137.
  18. SteveF (Alpine)

    Boneless Flanken on the SmokeFire

    Beginning to feel like a bit of a one trick pony with all of our dishes looking the same but here’s some boneless flanken using pit boss competition pellets at 400 degrees to an internal temp of about 125. Big shout out to @Bruno for the many recommendations for Oakridge BBQ rubs! We did one in...
  19. SteveF (Alpine)

    Smoked Yellowfin Tuna

    Well, I was inspired and impatient simultaneously 😜 I was gonna give smoked tuna on the SF a shot and was planning a brine of salt, sugar and brown sugar, but I was impatient. I came home and did a quick marinade of teriyaki on one and lemon pepper on the other two. 200 for about an hour and a...
  20. SteveF (Alpine)

    SmokeFire and Hanger Steak!!!

    Despite its limited size, usually maxing out at about one pound where we get them, the hanger steak is one of the most tender and flavorful cuts there is IMO. We usually just prepare it simply with EVOO and Montreal steak seasoning. I started the SF at 400°, put the corn on for ten minutes, then...