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  1. Erik Tracy

    Bacon wrapped, cheese stuffed jalapeno chicken thighs

    A callout to @Lynn Dollar and his posting from last month on this great grilling idea I gave this a try last night - tricky to make as the thighs I got were smallish and the smooth skinned jalapenos were like a wet bar of...
  2. Erik Tracy

    Sunday Steak Dinner

    Some Whole Food steaks seasoned and seared to a nice medium-rare on my WSM broken down to be a grill. Plated with the sides and nice Cab
  3. Erik Tracy

    Grilled Italian Sausage Dogs

    Grilled up some Italian sweet sausages as 'hot dogs' on fresh bakery buns with a good chew. Condiments of choice. Oven roasted carrots (olive oil with garlic salt & black pepper), and mozarella sticks. Stone's Arrogant B@st@ard Ale as a nice pairing.
  4. Erik Tracy

    Grilled Teriyaki Chicken Dinner

    Sunday dinner was marinated/grilled teriyaki chicken thighs, grilled green beans (olive oil, garlic salt, black pepper), rice, pan warmed pita and homemade hummus.
  5. Erik Tracy

    New York Steak Dinner

    Got two nice and thick NY steaks for dinner last night from Whole Foods. Grilled corn on the gas rig, steaks seared on the WSM broken down to be a grill w/ the grate on the charcoal ring. Baked potato with the works and fresh sourdough loaf. Got the steaks to a medium rare minus. If I'd...
  6. Erik Tracy

    Sunday Backyard Burgers

    Nothing fancy. Hatch Chile Cheese Burgers, grilled corn, seasoned fries, and a cheap cabernet.:) 80/20 1/2 lb patties seasoned and grilled Plated with the works; sliced cheddar, fresh red lettuce, onion, tomato, and roast Hatch green chiles from Friday's roasting.
  7. Erik Tracy

    Seafood Saturday - Fish Tacos

    Saturday night was fish tacos with sides of 'restaurant style' refried beans (it just means smooth), Mexican rice. Orange Roughy filets with some garlic salt and black pepper and grilled for a nice seared finish. Fresh pico de gallo, cilantro, some of the fresh roasted Hatch chiles I did from...
  8. Erik Tracy

    Roasted Hatch Chiles

    Got my first batch of Hatch, New Mexico chiles all roasted up! Few to no places locally are roasting them at stores - that's ok, I prefer to do it myself anyway. Makes the whole house smell great with the intoxicating aroma of fresh roasted green chiles. (y) Fresh and ready to roast After...
  9. Erik Tracy

    Sunday Baby Back Ribs

    Long day, but worth it. Baby backs on the WSM. Homemade rub, then on the WSM with hickory and pecan at 250F. Wrapped after 2 1/2 hours, back on, then unwrapped with a bit of Sweet Baby Ray's sauce to firm the bark. Sliced and plated with homemade cornbread, some fries(for the kids), store...
  10. Erik Tracy

    BBQing Soundtrack - what do you play?

    When I bbq, I like to have a 'soundtrack' going to set the mood. Got my WSM setup for some baby backs, and thinking this time it'll be some blues. Anyone else got a music soundtrack that's your fav for bbqing?
  11. Erik Tracy

    Grilled Sockeye Salmon

    Seafood Saturday with some wild Sockeye salmon from the local market. Looked pretty good actually. Grilled super hot with some basic oil/salt/pepper seasoning. Sides of wide rice, whole grain oat rolls, garden salad, and a nice Merlot (gasp! red wine with fish? Yes.)
  12. Erik Tracy

    Fun: Where is your stock WSM waterpan?

    When I got my WSM back in 2015, I got the Brinkman bowl as an 'upgrade' over the stock waterpan. But, I did keep it - it's a handy cover for my backup propane tank ;) You still got your stock pan around?
  13. Erik Tracy

    Grilled Sea Bass and Rock Fish

    Had a hankerin' for some seafood, so made a drive just up the coast to the Seafood Market in Del Mar for something fresh. They had some wild caught sea bass just off the California coast and some rock fish, as well as some irresistible East coast dry packed scallops. I grilled them all up with...
  14. Erik Tracy

    Grilled Sausages and Corn

    Fired up the grill this afternoon to cook up some sausages and corn. Got two types of sausages from the butcher; bratwurst and Italian calabrese Fresh corn with butter, garlic salt and black pepper Oven roasted tater tots and a garden salad with feta cheese.
  15. Erik Tracy

    Saturday WSM Smoke - Pork Butt

    I smoked up a 7.3lb pork butt Saturday on my 18.5WSM with good results. Bought it Friday at my local Stater Brothers for 1.99/lb, bone in It didn't need much trimming, so I got most of the butt as edible returns. Slathered with French's Honey Mustard, then a very liberal dosing of my own rub...
  16. Erik Tracy

    July 2 WSM Smoked Tri-tip

    3.6lb Choice Tri-tip Trimmed, rubbed with canola oil and dusted with my concoction of spices and black pepper Smoked on the WSM with 1 chunk each of post oak and pecan. 1 hour at 225F to get to an internal temp of 115F. Then, I broke down the WSM to be a grill with the grate right over the...
  17. Erik Tracy

    WSM St Louis Ribs Pre-Father's Day Cook

    I did up 2 nice thick St Louis racks I got at Stater Brothers at 2.99/lb Trimmed, rubbed with honey mustard, then my own rib rub that has a heat to sweet balance. 2 chunks each of hickory and pecan with a minion load in my 18.5 WSM, bowl in, but no water. Both racks fit on the top rack...
  18. Erik Tracy

    Calling all Genesis II E-310 owners; opinions?

    Been away from the forum, but back for some sage advice and opinions. My old Vermont Castings LP grill is on it's last legs and I'm searching for a suitable replacement and have the Genesis II E-310 3 burner on my list. For you that own this, do you have any comments, opinions, or warnings...
  19. Erik Tracy

    Does brisket shape affect how you cook it?

    I'm eating the leftovers from my whole packer brisket cook and am noticing the further in I slice into the leftover flat, the tighter & tougher it gets. So, this had me scratching my head with some questions/guesses as to what happened. The day I smoked it, I was concerned that the outer...
  20. Erik Tracy

    Packer Brisket Temp Probe Question

    Hey all, Coming out of cloaked mode to get some sage advice for cooking my first whole brisket packer (have done just flats before) I want to do on the 4th. I plan on using the High Heat method on my 18.5WSM I'll be using my Maverick setup to monitor the internal temp of the brisket thru the...