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  1. Dave from Denver

    Salmon en papillote

    This is a previously frozen wild sockeye filet. I took the skin off and portioned it into four servings. Sliced leeks and mushrooms, lemon zest, salt pepper and oil underneath. Salt and lemons on top of the fish. Wrapped up with parchment I cooked these indirect on the Genny on the warming...
  2. Dave from Denver

    Spinning kebabs

    Got some leg of lamb in a yogurt marinade overnight. Garlic, ginger, cumin, turmeric, lemon I might need to get some roti accessories for more capacity. Center burner on only with no drip pan for maximum crust. Three year old son meets lightning storm while the kebabs spin. So they go to...
  3. Dave from Denver

    Weber Rack Brisket

    After seeing so many good threads about Weber expandable rack cooking I just had to buy myself one, so I got one for the 22" WSM. The thing is very sturdy and fits neatly on the tabs for the upper cooking grate. The hooks provided by weber were a bit tricky to figure out but I trusted them...
  4. Dave from Denver

    Rotisserie turkey or don't sweat the technique

    I made a 15 lb bird for a client's holiday party. Used LarryR's maple bourbon brine for 24 hours as usual. Got the silver C set up at 8am and I left to take my son to school. Got home at 8:30 to start a ham on my mini (sorry not pictured). The genesis was 300 degrees with only the front...
  5. Dave from Denver

    Double Pork Butt Weekend

    Hey guys, picked up a 16 lb 2 pack at Restaurant depot ($2.06/lb). But I've got a freezer full of pulled pork. What to do what to do... Pork butts Thanks to what I learned from J Biesinger's thread "breaking down a pork butt" I cut the two fat caps off for "mock belly" bacon. I had plans...
  6. Dave from Denver

    Trends in competition chicken

    Hi Donna, Was wondering what you could say, generally, about what's working in chicken these days from your experience. Have you seen any teams with "grilled" style skin (i.e., crispy) be successful? In your experience are judges getting tired of the "perfect chicken satchel" boneless...
  7. Dave from Denver

    Rotisserie shawarma and feast

    Lebanese food for the Mrs' birthday party. Falafel action Shawarma - this is strips of marinated pork and beef shoulders bound together with string. The marinade is onion garlic cumin turmeric paprika cayenne and oregano. Shawarma cooked on the rotisserie The spread with...
  8. Dave from Denver

    Wood chips & Creosote

    Last night I prepared some chicken legs and thighs using my WSM-mini. I used my standard BBQ chicken marinade and rub, and tossed all 8 pieces on the top rack of my mini for about 90 minutes until they were cooked through. Normally I use wood chunks for smoke, but I was out of chunks so I used...
  9. Dave from Denver

    Gyros and homemade pita

    Made these with pork cushion meat. It's a lean cut trimmed off the shoulder butt and packaged separately. Seasoning in the meat is onion, garlic, turmeric, crushed red pepper, cumin, marjoram, and 1.5% salt. Processed in batches in the food processor then formed into a log. Pita dough...
  10. Dave from Denver

    Easy weeknight balsamic chicken recipe

    I've been meaning to post this for a bit, and this new healthy grilling forum seems like the place. Beauty in simplicity here, give it a shot you might like it! Ingredients 10 Boneless skinless chicken thighs 1T Lawrys seasoned salt 1t garlic powder 4T balsamic vinegar Whisk together with fork...
  11. Dave from Denver


    Per j molinari's recipe here Nice loin end from Costco. Hung about 10 weeks at 65% rh and 50-55f. Pulled down at 37% weight loss. Aged in fridge for about 5 months before eating. This may be my favorite cure ever. Sweet, lean, and tender. Without further ado, a couple photos!
  12. Dave from Denver

    18 month coppa

    Dried this in early 2011, vac sealed and stuck it in my deli drawer until this week. Sorry I don't have more pictures, but it's delicious! Thanks for looking
  13. Dave from Denver

    Use your leftover pulled pork for egg rolls!

    BBQ pulled pork Jicama slaw with jalapenos, red cabbage, carrot, sugar, salt, vinegar and slice of avocado. Roll up x20 and fry With some black vinegar based sauce, sweet chili sauce, sriracha Needs something else inside to tie it to the asian flavors of the sauces or at least just...
  14. Dave from Denver

    Case hardening

    I know I dole out a lot of advice on here about air-drying meat, but I'm far from an expert. Here's a recent batch of salami I hung. I fermented this using yogurt as a culture, and hung it in my chamber at 10-15C 50-65F at 80%RH at first and then adjusted down to 65-70% RH. This took about a...
  15. Dave from Denver

    Cold smoke

    I went and built myself a cold smoker. This is an aluminum/copper plated tin I got at the thrift store. In the bottom there's a hole with a T-valve, connected to an aquarium air pump. On top of that is about 6 steel wool scrub pads, and a grate I cut out of 1/4" grid chicken wire. On top of...
  16. Dave from Denver

    Serious Eats competition chicken

    This article posted recently on the food blog/community Serious Eats. Apparently it's a take on a recipe by Husbands and Hart from the book "Wicked Good BBQ" This article presents a take on the method of removing the skin, scraping it, and...
  17. Dave from Denver

    Vietnamese griled shrimp vermicelli salad (bun tom xao)

    Near record highs in Denver. Good reason to eat a nice cold dinner. Here's the mise en place Marinating shrimp, basil/mint/cilantro/scallion, garlic chives, julienne carrots, julienne cucumbers, bean sprouts, boston lettuce and the sauces and ingredients I used to make the nuoc cham...
  18. Dave from Denver

    Some recent meals

    Sorry for the somewhat shoddy photo work and the overall lack of grilling or smoking (except the tasso!) - you can see more photos of the tasso and sausage in the thread I posted in Charcuterie Tasso Ham Beans with tasso & jalapenos served with cilantro parsley lime cream...
  19. Dave from Denver

    Emulsified sausages, tasso, and buckboard

    Emulsified sausage - this is weisswurst in sheep casings. Used some inspiration from Ruhlman & Polcyn to riff on Len Poli's weisswurst recipe. No photos of the process as I was trying to work really fast but I ground meat and fat twice, re-chilled then emulsified with ice cold heavy cream and...
  20. Dave from Denver

    2 in one sous vide and ATC system.

    Hey guys, I posted my sous rig in a couple places here on TVWBB and I also mentioned in one of those threads that there were some bugs with the system as built. Namely, the thermocouple is picking up electrical signal noise from the heating elements. I also, while cooking some veg at 85C the...