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  1. Harry Soo

    Need a name for Harry's Pimped Out WSM-18 Bday gift

    My sweetheart Donna of Butcher's Daughter BBQ of Alameda surprised me with the most awesome Bday gift that a WSM addict could want. What do you think of it? Should it have a name? I'm curing the heat paint to cook the Jack with it in a couple of weeks...
  2. Harry Soo

    Harry signing off this Q&A session - Final Thoughts

    All: It's been awesome being your tour guide on this Q&A session. Sounds like most of you enjoyed my short stay on the Q&A thread. Hope everyone learned some of our Slap Yo Daddy BBQ secrets, tips, and techniques. Remember the first time, it's a secret, the second time on it becomes your...
  3. Harry Soo

    Harry's New Tee Shirt Line at

    Ever tried shopping for a tee to wear while you BBQ? Well, if you've tried, you'll learn that they are far and few between. The ones I found, I didn't care for the design nor concept. So what is a pitmaster to do. The obvious answer is to design my own tees that I would be proud to wear...