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  1. Dave from Denver

    Would You Pay $350 for this Grill

    do not get a two burner. Get the three burner for $75. You'll love it.
  2. Dave from Denver

    Planning First Big Cook NEED HELP!!

    The real logistical issue here is not the cooking, it's the processing. Make sure you recruit 3-4 helpful family members to help pull membranes, rub, sort and pull pork, and slice ribs.
  3. Dave from Denver

    Planning First Big Cook NEED HELP!!

    Also, you can plan to finish the pork butt and hold it in a cooler for several hours, over 4 hours is fine, in a cooler, which will free up the 18" WSM for more ribs 1-6PM if you need it.
  4. Dave from Denver

    Planning First Big Cook NEED HELP!!

    Depending on how you arrange your ribs you can fit up to 12 racks on the 22" WSM, maybe more. Rolling the ribs or rib racks or a hanging rack will help increase this capacity on this cooker. I would plan for 1/4 rack per person + 1/4 lb pulled pork per person with reasonable sides. So that...
  5. Dave from Denver

    Brisket Rest - how long is too long?

    lol! good luck! this is the pandoras box of the BBQ web. Just make sure you cook it long enough.
  6. Dave from Denver

    Kingsford Professional

    Not bad but two or three times per year (July 4, memorial day, labor day) you'll be able to grab the twin packs for about $9 each at the box stores.
  7. Dave from Denver

    Injured :(

    Keep your edges on the snow! or, on a snowboard, your edge. I learned this lesson at age 26 with a L2 compression, my x-ray looked a little like yours. Hope you rest up and feel better soon!
  8. Dave from Denver

    pastrami questions

    Corned beef is usually cheap immediately (one to 7 days) after SPD. But I find better tasting results starting with fresh beef if you can track down some morton tender quick or some pink curing salt to make your own pastrami.
  9. Dave from Denver

    Water or no water?

    Never use water, what hassle, what a mess.
  10. Dave from Denver

    WSM 22" (57cm) assembly advice (with photos and tips)

    Maclane's got it covered. Aluminum foil works fine, but really some minor air leakage won't be a huge problem and over time the smoke/gunk will build up and seal minor cracks. If your door really doesn't fit or is bent, you can try to bend it back, ask Weber for an OEM replacement on warranty...
  11. Dave from Denver

    buying a side of beef to share... whats a good way to have it cut?

    I'd probably ask for the full packer to be split lengthwise so you both get flat and point, but having it split into flat and point is another good option, too. The best way to share the cuts overall is to split all the ground evenly then have a "draft" event where everyone takes turns selecting...
  12. Dave from Denver

    Cabela's Heavy-Duty Slicer

    This looks a lot like the Waring "pro" slicer with the serrated blade. It will work in a pinch but to be honest, and excuse my language, it sucks.
  13. Dave from Denver

    Why does Boston Butt cook faster in the oven?

    Sean has the answer here. It's because it was in a covered pot.
  14. Dave from Denver

    How to flip the grate inside a Weber Chimney?

    just muscle it out and back in
  15. Dave from Denver

    Favorite Restaurant Depot Buys

    Meat, meat, and more meat. Butter is cheap there, as are hamburger rolls and other breads. Seafood at my RD is also quite fresh and good. However with the incidence of $2.79 USDA prime beef packer briskets at costco I don't have a lot of reasons to get over to RD anymore.
  16. Dave from Denver

    I ruined this hunck of CAB. Please help me

    Oven on minimum could be as high as 170F, at 90 minutes no blanket is going to stop that. Next time, just wrap or tent in foil and let hang out at room temperature.
  17. Dave from Denver

    Larry Wolfe's Pepper Stout Beef recipe modified slightly.......

    Pressure cookers are the best. Mine saves me hundreds of hours per year, I would hazard to guess. Nice cook!
  18. Dave from Denver

    Could Not Resist

    Get some linseed oil in that wood, you'll be fine
  19. Dave from Denver

    Sad day today for my brisket.

    I would've finished cooking and eaten it, once you take it to 200F internal it's going to be safe to eat.
  20. Dave from Denver

    Butcher Paper Brisket

    Yeah buddy.