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  1. Jeff MA

    Almost pulled the trigger on this unique one

    Cruising Facebook Marketplace and came across this rather unique Thermos grill- Not only glass front but glass side shelves! The knobs look like older Weber's too Cool gauge Insides appear almost new, very little use. Appears to be a cast aluminum box and lid too. Liking this...
  2. Jeff MA

    A viable replacement Catch Pan & Holder

    I was looking for a replacement Catch Pan and Holder assemble for my Ron Burgundy restore as it came with neither. I have several new in the box Porcelain coated steel Catch Pans in my possession but am saving those for myself and future Family restores. I started looking at what was out there...
  3. Jeff MA

    Picked me up some (more) discontinued Weber pieces today

    First up it a vintage Weber #7515 Catch Pan and Holder. The newer Catch Pans are made out of Aluminum but the older ones, like what originally came on the pre-2000's Genesis' had pans made out of a Porcelain coated Steel, much beefier and longer lasting in my opinion. The box states year 2007...
  4. Jeff MA

    Picked me up a (Ron) Burgundy ;)

    Cruisin' Facebook Marketplace and came across this one: Made him an offer which he instantly agreed to and picked it up the next day. It is a EO code 1995 Weber 1100 with the Durawood Slats. It came with a newer (2016 date code), Propane tank, a brand new Weber Rotisserie with motor, and what...
  5. Jeff MA

    Side Shelf/Side Burner 2000-2001 Genesis Gold

    Looking to sell my the Side Shelf & complete Burner Assemble off my recently parted out 2000-01 Genesis Gold. The shelves are Black in color and have that typical black "fade" but the side grey plastic is in great shape. The Burner Assemble is complete and works like new. Looking for $20...
  6. Jeff MA

    Lamson Knife Company

    Had some free time last week and I decided to take the 1 hour ride to the Lamson Kitchen Outlet store in Shelburne Falls Mass. For those who don't know Lamson was Established in Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts, in 1837, Lamson & Goodnow is the oldest cutlery manufacturer in the United States...
  7. Jeff MA

    Grabbed me a 2000-01 Genesis Gold

    While scrolling through Facebook Marketplace this one caught my eye- I I knew by the pic that is was one of the unique 2000-2001 Genesis Gold models which I always had a thing for so I contacted the seller. She said I was second in line and would let me know if the other person backed out, A...
  8. Jeff MA

    Weber #7542 Cast Iron Griddle wanted

    On the look out for a Weber Cast Iron Griddle #7542. This is the one that replaces one of the grates on Weber 1000-5000/B/C grills. Either new or used. I currently use my Lodge Griddle and it works fine but want to pick up a #7542 anyway. Jeff
  9. Jeff MA

    Nice deal in the Boston area Jeff
  10. Jeff MA

    Found my unfindable...a Weber Junior/Jr.

    Happy Days! I have been looking for one of these grills for over two years and I have been scouring the country to get a nice one. Several have popped up (none close by), but they were less than stellar examples of the breed.They only made these for 3-4 years or so I understand. I know...
  11. Jeff MA

    Anyone willing to purchase and ship me a item from Long Beach CA to Mass?

    I cross posted this for more views- If anyone is located near Long Beach CA and is willing to purchase and ship a small item for me drop me a PM of send an e-mail to The item is on offerup but the seller is reluctant to ship. Thanks guys, Jeff
  12. Jeff MA

    Anyone near Long Beach CA willing to pick up and ship to me in Mass?

    If anyone is located near Long Beach CA and is willing to purchase and ship a small item for me drop me a PM of send an e-mail to Thanks guys, Jeff
  13. Jeff MA

    Got me some new Vintage Catch Pan's

    I'm always on the lookout for Vintage Weber items and when they come up I snatch 'em up. I am not a fan of the newer Weber 7515 Catch Pan as I like the long since discontinued Weber 3640 Catch Pan which is made out of Porcelain coated Steel while the 7515 which is bare Aluminum. Most vendors...
  14. Jeff MA

    Best tool I've bought for restoring Weber's? Rockwell Jawhorse gets my vote.

    I've been buying a bunch of tools lately to help me around the Home as well as Weber grill restorations but this purchase is hands down the best one I've made. It just makes the job so much easier. I originally was going to get a Black & Decker Workmate but as reading an article comparing it to...
  15. Jeff MA

    Today's lesson..How NOT to fix a faulty igniter on a Weber Genesis.

    I was cleaning up today getting rid of a bunch of junk Weber pieces when I figured I'd post this work of fine craftsmanship. I am starting the long awaited restore on my Weber 5000 and this is the cook box that was on when when I purchase it. I can only imagine the cost of an new igniter was...
  16. Jeff MA

    Lightning struck twice in 2 weeks,found a brand new in box Weber Flame 27000 Firepit!

    The Weber God's must be smiling down on me- Some of you might have read how I found a brand new in the box Genesis 13 bar Cook Box. If not, see here:! Well I was scanning Craigslist once...
  17. Jeff MA

    Do the Q burner tubes fit a Genesis Gas Grill by chance?

    Strange question but I was wondering if the Q burner tubes fit the Genesis Manifold? Specifically where they slide onto the it the same diameter by chance? I want to experiment with some 300/320/3200 tubes on my next project. Jeff
  18. Jeff MA

    Weber 5000 in Milford CT

    Looks like a rare 5000 model for sale in Milford CT- It appears to bit a hodge-podge of sorts with incorrect knobs, shelf, nameplate, missing handle, and the owner drilled through the lid and added another thermometer but it's a good...
  19. Jeff MA

    A rare find.indeed.. Brand new in the box Genesis Platinum Cookbox!

    So I was doing my regular routine..checking the online sites for Weber items when I came across a post that stated " Weber Gas Grill-Cooking/Firebox- (Part)" I scanned the ad and what caught my eye was the two sets of notches in the box for Flavorizer Bars. Hmmm... was this an older 13 bar...
  20. Jeff MA

    It's raining Skylines!

    Kiddin' of course but after reading Member Tony's find of his 1999 Skyline I, too, picked up a Skyline today. It was listed on Offerup for some time and just recently the price was too good to pass up...Free(!) so I grabbed it. The nice gentleman selling it was the original owner and told me he...