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  1. JimK

    Weekday Ribs

    Working from home certainly does have some perks. I never could've done this on a work day before COVID. Got a 3 pack of baby backs from Costco a while back and took 'em out of the freezer yesterday. I was thrilled to see all three already had the membrane removed. I rubbed two down with a...
  2. JimK

    Pre-Smoking Ribs?

    I have a 3 pack of back ribs from Costco. Normally, two is more than we need, so I was thinking of pulling one rack a little early, vac sealing and freezing for later use. The idea is that I could thaw them and just reheat/finish cooking on the Performer at, say 350-ish. Good idea?
  3. JimK

    Curb Alert! Performer in Ashburn, VA
  4. JimK

    Peruvian Chicken on the Genesis

    Weather concerns had me firing up the Genesis tonight. Storms all around and I knew if I started a chimney on the Performer, the skies would open up. Since I cooked on the gasser, we didn't see more than a few drops, but had thunder and lightning all around. I bought some pre-marinated...
  5. JimK

    Greek meal on the Performer (and oven)

    Mixed up a Greek inspired marinade late in the game today - only had about 90 minutes in the marinade, but it turned out well. Olive oil, lots of garlic, oregano, lemon juice and zest, S&P and a touch of dijon mustard, just to make it interesting. 'Tater slices in lemon juice, EVOO, garlic...
  6. JimK

    Summit E420

    No idea what the cabinet looks like, but it appears to have been kept in climate controlled storage for a while. Price is high, but perhaps negotiable.
  7. JimK

    Mini Turbotisserie?
  8. JimK

    Genesis Platinum - $40
  9. JimK

    Montreal Chuck Eye and Filet

    Had some nice chuck eyes at the store yesterday, so it was steak night. Simple oven fries with some Lawry's and a Caesar salad, to which I added some cucumber and avocado. Steaks were simple MSS and swam in the sous vide bath for about 3 hours before searing over K-Pro. Also threw on a...
  10. JimK

    Quick and easy spiral dogs

    Had a baseball game at 4:30, which kept us out until almost 7. So I needed something quick. Genesis and hot dogs to the rescue. Nothing fancy, but hit the spot after a few hot hours out on the field.
  11. JimK

    Rained Out Weber Night

    I took a filet and a Prime NY strip out of the freezer around 4:30 yesterday and threw them into the sous vide hot tub. Was planning to finish on the grill a few hours later. When I went out to light the Performer, the skies reminded me of the soon to arrive downpours. Decided the CI skillet...
  12. JimK

    Stolen from a post on another site

    Someone posted this on a winemaking site I frequent:
  13. JimK

    What the...?
  14. JimK

    Looks like a decent deal in DC - older Genesis

    Not sure the year/model.
  15. JimK

    Tried CaseT's Burger Buns

    A simple and good recipe that we enjoyed. I think I got lazy during the mix and forming of the buns. Good flavor, but mine came out with a consistency that was a combo of Focaccia and a biscuit. I will definitely try these again and work on improving my 'touch'. Burgers were between 6 and 8...
  16. JimK

    Jerk Chicken

    I found Walkerswood mild recently at the store and grabbed a few jars to try out. Really like the 'regular', but even though I like a little heat, find it to be too hot for me. The mild still has a pretty good kick. Did up some chicken last night, along w/ black beans and zucchini. Fire ran...
  17. JimK

    Free Genesis Gold

    Don't see many like this around here. Most folks would be asking $150 or more.
  18. JimK

    Older Summit for Parts

    Looks like the front of the firebox is rusting:
  19. JimK


    Quite some time ago, I bought "Four, Water, Salt, Yeast" by Ken Forkish. I've been making 'same day' breads from that book and really enjoying them for a couple years. COVID has provided more time at home and thus more opportunities for some of the more extensive recipes. I made a sourdough...
  20. JimK

    Genesis Platinum - $50

    Looks to be in good shape, and by the way the ad is written, could probably be had for less.