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    Hose clamps on the one touch

    I’m sure others have done this...If your one touch keeps loosening around the bottom of the kettle like mine, 3 hose clamps from Home Depot will secure it. Works great...super cheap.
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    Installed gas assist on Performer today

    Converted a premium to a deluxe...sort of. It was a pretty big job. Painted her black, looks kind of grey.
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    Performer front panel paint job

    The front panel on my performer was looking a little dinged up. A few coats of rustoleum high heat silver spray paint, and an acrylic black stripe painted on with a brush. I extended the stripe all the way. Not perfect by any stretch, but kind of looks a bit retro!
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    Montreal Smoked Meat

    First time trying this. I found a recipe online and am slightly modifying. A 15 LB brisket. In the fridge she goes for at least a week to cure. Stay tuned more to come.
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    50$ old is this redhead platinum?
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    May offer $ this rust treatable?

    2008 Genesis...Some rust inside the cab. Can this rust be removed and painted?
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    How to Smoke Brisket on a Weber Grill

    The article from Texas Monthly followed by the attached recipe:
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    Free Performer

    Just listed. Anyone near Montreal?
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    2009 Genesis. Asking $175 OBO. Worth 100$?
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    Rusty grate can I save it?

    This is the grate in a kettle I just picked up. It’s pretty rusty can I save it? If so, what is the best way to restore it?
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    Happy Canada Day and a major score

    Happy Canada Day to all you dedicated Weber-ites. I’ve been seriously thinking about getting a performer grill I hear so many great things about it. Was about to pull the trigger on a new deluxe when I saw this on Kijiji this morning. I was the first one to respond and picked it up this...
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    Weber Steak Knives up north?

    Got through to Weber today and tried to purchase a set of steak knives. She tried to everything but could not sell them to a Canadian customer. US only. I see them on amazon uk but the price is pretty crazy. I have an old set of 4 from 2010 and they are like the day I bought them. Would really...
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    Snap Jet Ignitor cleaning

    My Summit 6 burner NG manifold is just a year old, but the snap jet ignitors sometimes take a few tries. So I cleaned them up this morning with a soft toothbrush and some alcohol. They were pretty black with caked on grease, but a quick gentle brushing took it all right off. They are lighting...
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    Scotchgard on my new Weber grill cover

    Sprayed a coat of Scotchgard Water and Sun Shield with UV Protection on my new 7109 Weber cover this morning. Anyone ever try this on their cover?
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    Mystery Code

    Here’s one for Chris. First pic is code inside Summit 600 Series lid from 2010 original. Second pic is code inside new lid for same grill. maybe this is already explained elsewhere in the forums, but what do these codes mean?
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    Uline Weber Tools Set

    Picked this up on kijiji new last night. Anybody know why it says Uline On it?
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    JIGALOO on painted steel

    Anyone had any experience using JIGALOO rust inhibitor/lubricant on painted steel?
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    Summit S-620 NG 2010

    Hey first post I'm a newbie on this site. My name is Ken and I'm from Canada. We love our Webers up here too! I have a little experience restoring Webers…my 2001 Genesis Silver C (NG), which I picked up about 9 years ago for $40. At the time I bought new burners, bars, etc, and...