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  1. Lynn Dollar

    Bacon wrapped, jalapeno chicken thighs

    Meat Church Gospel All Purpose rub on the 26" Kettle, with 20 Weber Briquettes , 10 per side to start cook at 300* and finish at 265*, and a big chunk of cherry wood split into six pieces .
  2. Lynn Dollar

    Looking for mac cheese recipe using rib tips ?

    Local barbecue joint here in OKC serves a rib tip mac and cheese. We have a lot of rib tips and would like to do this. Anyone know of a recipe or something similar ?
  3. Lynn Dollar

    Euphoria like I will never know

    VJ Day, 1945 ............ I can't imagine this kind of happiness. The soldiers and airmen went from fearing death constantly to sheer joy and relief. Entire country must've gone bananas, people walked around with smiles on their faces for weeks. Some pics from the Smithsonian ...
  4. Lynn Dollar

    College football season ?

    The powers that be should be coming up on a deadline for deciding to play. If they don't play, it will be a huge financial hit for all of college athletics, as football pretty much pays the bills. But if they do play, this season will have a huge asterisk beside it. I would not want to...
  5. Lynn Dollar

    Baby backs in packages of three ?

    I'm wanting to smoke one rack of baby backs on my Master Touch Kettle. And use this new air intake feature that allows for cutting back air flow. I wanna put about 20 coals in each basket on both sides of the Kettle, and lay the rib rack down the middle. Then use the reduced air flow...
  6. Lynn Dollar

    Part owner of Head Country barbecue passes

    Barbecue legend Paul Schatte passes away in Ponca City
  7. Lynn Dollar

    Backyard barbecue is booming

    B&B Charcoal can't keep up with demand Letter from B&B
  8. Lynn Dollar

    Any entomologists here ?

    I've been finding signs in my smoker wood rack of carpenter ants. But I never see any ants. Carpenter ants leave little piles of sawdust they call " frazz " . I've been seeing this frazz in my wood and on the ground. But I've concluded that its not carpenter ants. Its some kind of...
  9. Lynn Dollar

    I'm battlin carpenter ants

    First I found them in my pile of wood for my smoker. Then I find I've got a colony in the eave of the house. I hit both places with bait. I first tried some " Combat " which is fipronil on the wood pile and did not see much diff. I then found them in the eave of the house and that's when I got...
  10. Lynn Dollar

    Texas Monthly - backyard cue course

    Backyard ’Cue Course: How to Dominate Your Home Smoker Four of the state’s best pitmasters share their tips
  11. Lynn Dollar

    Tel-Tru gauges stem length ?

    Is there really much diff between the 2.5" and 4" stem length Tel-Tru ? I'm buying one for the offset.
  12. Lynn Dollar

    Pepper grinder ?

    A lot of rub recipes call for freshly ground pepper. What is a good grinder other than those made to set on the table ?
  13. Lynn Dollar

    Pork steak over direct heat ?

    I've got a 1.5" pork steak. Gonna put it on the 18 WSM at 300* , direct heat. At what temp is it done ?
  14. Lynn Dollar

    They say everything is bigger in Texas

    And this is the largest hail stone I've ever seen. And it fell Friday night in Burkburnett, Tx, home of forum member Dustin Dorsey ......
  15. Lynn Dollar

    Good asking price for Spirit E-310 ?

    I'm thinking about selling my three year old Spirit E-310. It just does not get used often and I need the patio space. I've no idea what the market for used gassers is like .
  16. Lynn Dollar

    Double smoked ham on 26 Kettle

    In the category of " cleaning out the freezer to avoid going to the grocery store because I don't have a haz met suit " I put this small 5# ham on the 26 Kettle. I found it on sale just after Christmas and this was as good a time as any to smoke it. Also going through my rubs, I found some...
  17. Lynn Dollar

    Kosmos does pork butt on Kettle

    He butterflied a boneless pork butt, very interesting. I inject pork butt because its a big hunk of meat and hard to add flavor all the way through. And pork can be bland without some flavor addition. He solves that issue with the butterfly and he gets more bark.
  18. Lynn Dollar

    Computer help ?

    Is this ASUS laptop dead and gone ? I think the hard drive has crashed. I can't seem to get past this page, no matter which option I choose. Is it worth taking to a computer repair guy ?
  19. Lynn Dollar

    Could this be a Craigslist scam ?

    I posted this CL listing of a copper Performer in another thread here, and I don't wanna hijack that thread. I posted it because its so inaccurate its funny. But I thought about it some more, so...
  20. Lynn Dollar

    Marking utility service lines

    I'm doing some planting in the back yard and we have a service here, which I'm sure is universal everywhere, that will come out and mark the utility lines before I began digging. I was really concerned about Cox Cable, because they only go about 6" deep when they bury the drop that goes...