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  1. Lynn Dollar

    Bacon wrapped, jalapeno chicken thighs

    Another version ..........
  2. Lynn Dollar

    Bacon wrapped, jalapeno chicken thighs

    Yes, when they hit around 165, put them on the wire rack and add rub, then back on the Kettle to set the rub. I ran into a problem there, I did not have enough coal left and the Kettle was under 200* . I did not get it all set. I pretty much followed Malcolm Reed's guide here, except...
  3. Lynn Dollar

    Jones BBQ and...

    Appetizing combination
  4. Lynn Dollar

    Reverse seared steaks Weber 22 kettle

    That's what I do if I use the Kettle, except I use the baskets to sear, unless there's too much meat to fit the space .
  5. Lynn Dollar

    TVWB News for September 2020

    Our 40 yo oven has a " warm " setting. I tested it and it ran from 145 to155 , perfect for use as a warming oven.
  6. Lynn Dollar

    Bacon wrapped, jalapeno chicken thighs

    Its boneless skinless chicken thigh, wrapped around half of a jalapeno filled with cream cheese, then bacon wrapped around the outside of the thigh. Its a Milton mini loaf pan , keeps the thighs from spreading out during the cook
  7. Lynn Dollar

    Bacon wrapped, jalapeno chicken thighs

    Meat Church Gospel All Purpose rub on the 26" Kettle, with 20 Weber Briquettes , 10 per side to start cook at 300* and finish at 265*, and a big chunk of cherry wood split into six pieces .
  8. Lynn Dollar

    Vortex wings on the 26"

    No , its just larger, more space to absorb heat.
  9. Lynn Dollar

    Food Photography Tips and Techniques *****

    IG locks up their pics. Can't be copied or downloaded. Its use their app or nothing. Maybe some with better social media skills than I, know how to copy and save the pic.
  10. Lynn Dollar

    The Humor Thread

    Bob Correll are an evil old man ............. an hilarious evil old man.................... but :D
  11. Lynn Dollar

    Not happy with my first brisket :(

    YT vid from fella whose worked at a few Texas barbecue joints, he talks about the fat in the point that is intramuscular. I still think maybe your's did not render enough, but he this guy is OK with it, vid will start where be begins slicing the point
  12. Lynn Dollar

    My new workbench.

    Good place to spend the winter
  13. Lynn Dollar

    The Humor Thread

  14. Lynn Dollar

    Looking for mac cheese recipe using rib tips ?

    Local barbecue joint here in OKC serves a rib tip mac and cheese. We have a lot of rib tips and would like to do this. Anyone know of a recipe or something similar ?
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    Full NFL Week 1 Ratings Breakdown: Fox Up for Brady Bucs, Everyone Else Down
  16. Lynn Dollar

    How about some good music links?

    The Yardbirds on a French TV show in March 1968. Except for " Dazed and Confused " the music here is not that great. But in the history of rock, its relevant. The Yardbirds at various times, had Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, and Jimmy Page on lead guitar. This clip is toward the end of...
  17. Lynn Dollar

    TrendKill posted a goodSmokeFire🔥 video.

    " hey, ya know what I'm sayin " I know what you're sayin.
  18. Lynn Dollar

    Flanken ribs advice needed

    I've never found flaken ribs that thick. If it were me, I'd go indirect, possibly reverse sear them just like a steak.