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  1. S.Six

    New 14.5"wsm! Now I have the whole set!

    So last week the wife sends me a pic of her at Walmart with this in her hands. Didn't think I was going to be getting the 14.5"wsm, but since it was half off what the heck! Had my first cook on it yesterday, just a little beef roast. Started with a full chimney of mostly lit charcoal, put some...
  2. S.Six

    Whole packer corned Brisket

    Was at my local Shamrock foods store and saw full packer corned beef briskets and had to have one!😊 Used the little seasoning packet that came with it and added a rub of my own. On the 22.5"wsm she went. I removed the water pan and was gunning for 325-350° for the cook. I didn't add any smoke...
  3. S.Six

    Finally got a Thermapen!

    Well my parents gave me money for Christmas and I figured it was time to pull the trigger on a Thermapen! Didn't know that they came out with a new model (mk4), and their prices have dropped as well! Got it yesterday and got to use it today. This thing is super awesome!
  4. S.Six

    BBQ Mac and Brisket

    Smoked a brisket for this weekend and had plenty of leftovers. The wife cooked up some mac and cheese so I thought I'd add some brisket to it. Drizzled on some sweet n spicy bbq sauce, and a little bit of Bad Byron's Butt Rub. It was really good! I could eat that all day long. thx for looking!
  5. S.Six

    6 butts and 1 brisket on the Lang 84

    Sunday had some friends over and wanted to fire up the Lang 84. I only need to smoke one butt for myself, so I called up some friends and got a few more thrown on there. In all i had 6 butts and 1 brisket. started with cherry wood and oak for the first several hours, then straight oak. Sorry no...
  6. S.Six

    got the Lang 84 deluxe repainted and repaired!

    Got her back on Saturday evening! All sandblasted and repainted. also had the fire box flanges fix up and had gaskets put on. New fire grate, welded flanges on the cooking section doors, replaced all thermometers and had one installed on the firebox side of the cooking chamber. Thanks...
  7. S.Six

    First cook on the Lang model 84 and first offset cook too!

    You'll have to forgive me that the pix aren't of very good quality, but here they are. Did this for a friend's work BBQ(2 of the briskets and 2 butts), about 50 people. Called up some friends and they added a few more butts on too. I ended up smoking 3 packer briskets, 6 butts and 1...
  8. S.Six

    Sweet Craigslist Score!!

    Picked up my first offset smoker last Monday. A Lang model 84 deluxe. Got it off of Craigslist for $2600. Needs some tlc, but still a good deal. The guy i got it from had it for about 12yrs and I don't think that he ever cleaned it! I spent over 2hrs scraping 40lbs of crap out of the cooking...
  9. S.Six

    First rack of ribs on the Ranch Kettle!

    Trimmed a rack of spares and rubbed them down with Bad Byron's Butt Rub. On the Ranch Kettle with some apple wood for smoke. Used only 2 chunks, put them on one at a time. Lit an almost full chimney of lit, and temps held around 300-325°for about the first hour and a half. Then I added another...
  10. S.Six

    Ranch Kettle is now Operational!

    Last September i found a Ranch Kettle on Craigslist for $150. It needed some work and some new parts. You can see the before post here. I got a heck of a deal from Weber! The cooking grate goes for $250, but the lady who...
  11. S.Six

    Using the 22.5"wsm like a stick burner.

    I don't have a offset smoker and have always wanted to try smoking over wood. So i tried this method with pizza and it works great so I thought why not with ribs? So here's the set up: BB ribs with Bad Byron's Butt Rub, drip pan underneath, and I used pecan wood for smoke/fuel. Was going...
  12. S.Six

    Won my First Amateur BBQ Competition!

    This is a little late to the party but here it is. At the end of May we had a kcbs sanctioned amateur bbq competition called the Rib-O-Rama at the Budwieser event center here in Loveland, CO. and in the weeks leading up to it my buddy and I were practicing for the big day. here's what we did on...
  13. S.Six

    Do these Butts look BIG to you?

  14. S.Six

    Finally got around to making a pizza on the 22.5"wsm

    Been thinking of trying this method out for a little while now and finally got to it tonight. i fired up a full chimney of previously used coals and poured them near the back of the wsm. I added a few more pieces of unlit lump and let it get to temp. Just before I put the pizza on i added 3...
  15. S.Six

    Kingsford's new formula

    It seems to me that the new bags of kbb really smoke up a lot when starting my wsm minion method. I've tried putting the lid on and waiting till the smoke clears, but it just keeps smoking like crazy till all the coals are engaged. didn't the old stuff clear up after a little while?
  16. S.Six

    One pic says it all.

    As i was preparing this cook I knew that I should have taken more pictures, but oh well. Did a 13lb brisket rubbed down with McCormick's Montreal Steak seasoning. Loaded up my 22.5"wsm with lump mesquite, and used 2 chunks of hickory an 2 chunks of cherry for smoke. I used the tin can minion...
  17. S.Six

    I think I'm converted to No Water!

    I've done waterless cooks before, but not very many. Lately I've been doing waterless cooks and really like the results. I love that i have a much higher temperature range available to me without the water. Today I did spares at 275° in my 18"wsm and it ran like a champ! No problem holding temp...
  18. S.Six

    Fish Tacos on the wsm

    Bought some whole Tilapia on sale a while back and finally got around to cooking it. Used some olive wood chips for smoke. Bad Byron's Jubilee Seafood seasoning for the rub. And the wife made a mango salsa. Turned out pretty darn good! Fish tacos aren't a favorite of mine, but its nice to...
  19. S.Six

    A New "Spin" on Pork Butt.

    For this i did something that I thought I'd never do...bone out a pork butt and cut it in half! Butt, I figured a smaller but would take a little less time and that was what i needed. So here it is tied up. Rubbed down with some Bad Byron's Butt Rub. Now here's the fun part (for me anyways...
  20. S.Six

    Ham For Easter on the 18.5"wsm

    Got a butt portion ham from Kingsoopers. A friend of mine brought on over so i could cook his too. Fired up almost a full chimney of lit on top of mostly used charcoal. Add two small chunks of hickory wood for smoke. Turned out pretty good, next time maybe just one chunk of hickory though...